White Mage Journal

Final Fantasy Journal

Here begins my journey of a single thief (no class change) into the world of FF1. I will be abandoning my usual procedures and not using save states at all. I would buy a cartridge (probably DoS) but I want screenshots.

I will be using FCEU Ultra, and the turbo button (~) for sure. Leveling up to 50 on normal speed will take too long.


I have played a 4 thief party, so I anticipate lots of gold because of no spells, that after Astos it will get a lot easier because I will get lots of new weapons, and that before the march cave will (obviously) be the most boring part. The fiends will be tough, they have a lot of absorb.

December 22, 2004

9:45 PM Starting

I have created a party of 3 BB's and 1 Thief named Russ. Bought wooden armor and a rapier for Russ and 3 wooden staffs for the BB's. Saved, and going to fight my first imp battle.

9:56 Failure - 3 imps, Russ had 2 hp and HIT! had 16. Killed imps. Starting over...

9:57 tried to hurt the imps so I would have an easier time when the three were dead, but killed one. (3 imp battle again)

9:59 used the BB's this time, hurt the remaining imps 2 each.

10:00 1 BB down

10:01 2 down, last one has 8 hp. I have 17

10:01 Success! 12 hp left.

10:02 saved and ready to fight imps.

10:03 Wow, 4 imps almost ended me. 5 hp left. Level 2!

10:04 K, beat 4 more imps. I'm going for a second battle without saving. I can kill them in one hit.

10:04 AH! 5 Imps that struck first. Running and saving.

10:08 level 3! Just fought 3 battles without saving, 2 of them 5 imps.

10:09 Yeah I think 3 batttles is my safe limit for now. As long as they don't land too many critical hits.

10:14 DAMN! I just had the worst battle yet. I lost from 70-something down to 12 in one battle! I missed way too much for my own good.

10:15 Level 4! Maybe I'll go fight something other than imps. I think I'll wait until level 5 actually.

10:22 w00t! Level 5. I'm gonna go up towards the ToF now. I don't want to fight wolves, so I'll run from those, but MadPonies, Creeps, and Bones will die!!! I think I'll buy about 8 or 10 heals and a tent or two. I have 997 gold after saving.

10:26 Breaking out the maps (to find cap fast). I won't use a walkthrough, but I am going to use maps.

10:29 Returned to "Coneria, the dream city" (As the greting lady says) with the cap. It increased my defense one, but that's a 20% increase. I fought a Madpony on the way back. Yikes! It brought my hp down about half (and not from full either). I'll just fight one of those battles at a time for now. I'll take on garland at level 6.

10:40 Whew made it out of a 5 imp battle with 7 health left (I retreat to Coneria when I'm down to about 50 health, so I was right next to town thankfully) Hmmm, I made it to level 6 without noticing. Must have been that very last battle, yay! Garland, here I come.

10:43 Done. Had to use a couple of heal potions just in case, but other than that I just laid on the turbo and hit him.

10:44 1000 gil again. Guess I'll be going to Provaka. Oops. I didn't talk to the princess. She's still in the Temple of Fiends >_< Can't she walk home on her own?

10:46 The evils of Inv9... Anyway, Provaka, here I come!

10:51 Bought a Scimitar and Gloves. Saved at the Inn and fighting the Pirates... Damnit! One left and I died. Ok, guess I'll try again and then use a potion or two.

10:53 Got down to 30 hp with 5 left so I used some heals. Beat the pirates! It took four heals.

10:54 Arr, I stole the Black Pearl out from under your maties' feet. Ye better not be any trouble or it's into the big drip with ya!

10:57 :( Couldn't fight any sea battles so I retreated to Coneria and fought 3 imps. No problem right? Wrong, I missed one like 8 or MORE times in a row. Almost died, but I switched to the other one and then got them. Maybe the scimitar has a lower hit percentage, but I don't think so.

11:01 Made a run at elfland. Got a Sabre, I'm going to fight to get the copper bracelet.

11:03 Hmm, I can kill GrImps in one hit. That's good.

11:05 Thinking about the last entry, I wonder if the Gr means Great (GrImps/GrWolves), Grey (GrSharks), or Green (GrOgres)? Most likey all three, but only Great would fit them all, since they are always stronger.

11:08 Level 7. Missed the SS again b/c of Turbo button. It wasn't that important anyway. I'm going to get the copper bracelet.

11:10 Back. 100 gold left. More ToF area...

11:11 definite improvement. A Madpony missed!

11:25 Level 8. I died on 4 Madponies. Not a good idea to try to fight... Maybe I'll try fighting at Provaka. I'm back up to about 1400 gold. Only 1 heal potion though, I use the inn.

11:27 Wow I took 100 damage from 2 groups of Imps, GrImps, and Wolves. And that's just by running. The first got first strike and a bunch of criticals, and the other all attacked me before I ran. There were like 7 in each group. Maybe the sea can give me experience...

11:29 Shit I didn't use the inn and I died before I could run.

11:31 Died on 3 Kyzokus and only killed 1... Damn I suck. ToF area it is then.

11:34 Shit died on 2 creeps. They took me down like 60 in one round (Maybe it was 3 attacks). I hate reloading like this... lol better get used to it.

11:38 Ha! Escaped from a creep with 6 health. Took a gamble too. I had 6 health before me last attack, but I went first and got a critical hit. That's why they call thieves lucky. About 200 gil, I mean gold, btw.

11:50 It's nice not to have to remember to save your savestate and then accidentaly hit F7 instead of F5 and reload... I still have the urge to though. Haven't loaded a single savestate however. Wow I'm level 9. When did that happen? 3069 points to 10 though, so it might have been that battle I just fought. If you are holding buttons and you switch to another window, FCEU keeps hitting them. So I can turbo & attack through easy battles without doing anything. I am reading other journals btw. And 180 HP.

11:56 Damn tried to fight 2 creeps, but it didn't work out too well. Ran and got to the Coneria inn with less than 10 health (19 when I ran, but I fought some imps on the way back).

Midnight, 12:00 AM December 23, 2004

12:01 Back with 9 HP I fought 4 bones, they do a lot of damage. Ran from 5 imps for the first time in a while... They got a critical hit in before I even ran. I was so dead if I had fought them.

12:02 SHIT! Didn't use the inn. Luckily it was just 3 imps and I killed them. Down to 5 hp though. Think I can make it? I might just want to use a tent... O well, I'll save the money. Here we go!

12:03 Phew, 5 imps again. Only 1 damage this time. 4 health LMFAO! I have 3316 G I am going to buy some heals and tents.

12:05 200 G, 35 heal (bought 34), 11 pure (bought 9), and 6 tents (bought 5). Back to fighting, 2000 experience to level 10.

12:09 fuck some spiders killed me. I had like 50 or 60 HP and they are normally 1 hit kills, but apparently I missed until I had 4 hp, then they hit me before I could run.

12:11 Woohoo! Killed 2 creeps. Went from 149 health to 14 though, lol. Time for another mad dash to safety.

12:12 2 Imp battles, but no critical hits. (I ran obviously)

12:13 I love GrImps. 1 hit kills, and much more experience than Imps. Only 2 damage per hit too. WHAT? I just healed up, then turned away during an Imp battle. I must have encountered the impossible to hit/critical hit machines because I have 32 health. O well. Hey wierd. I have 3500 G. That was fast. More heals...

12:16 31 G after save.

12:19 Ran into those two spiders again. Ran after taking about 60 damage and not killing one.

12:20 I'm retarded. Forgot that I had died. I have 8 tents, 2 pure, and 50 heal this time. Forget those ones I bought earlier. I guess I didn't save after buying. I was sure I had though.... Stupid emulator. Anyway about 1100 points to level 10. I think I lost a bunch of experience along with those potions when I died. It must have reverted back to another save or something. O well, at level 10 i'm going somewhere else.

12:25 Maybe it's because I've been turbo-ing through the saves. I guess I'll stop that.

12:30 Level 10... That took a lot less time than the first 1000. (Remember I noted when I had 2000 exp to go) It must have been that death and reload. Definitely gonna stop turboing through saves.

12:32 Killed 2 sharks so far. They are a bunch of experience, but I have to go back to the inn every time. I just hope I don't get a bunch of Sahags, especially red ones.

12:35 Sharks are good, if I have full health (183). I died on one with 120, and beat another with 9 from full. Also died on 2 odd-eyes with 2 sahags with them (stunned).

12:36 killed 4 sahags, but they did as much damage as a shark and only half the exp, not doing that again!

12:40 wow I set out and encountered 2 oddEyes. Took forever, but I got out of stun long enough to hit them both (The second one went down easier, I just had to get a lucky first strike in before either of them hit me).

12:42 And the very next battle is.... SAME THING! Damnit.

12:51 FUCK I haven't even gotten a turn yet this time. I guess I gotta reset, damn...

12:53 Ha! Beat 3 Kyzokus. Had to use some heal potions to be sure, but it worked!

12:54 Yar, sailing the 7 seas in search of the great Moby Shark. And fleeing from Sahags... *rolleyes*

1:04 Level 11. Maybe I'll try an Orge or two...

1:05 Well that was easy, he hardly hit me. I wonder what the creeps + Ogres are gonna be like.

1:06 Bad, I died.

1:07 K, beat an Ogre with 1 creep. I just had to get the Creep first

1:10 Beat 2 Ogres at once :D

1:11 Bought up to 66 heals and 23 pures. Asps and Arachnids are good exp. And they have low HP.

1:14 Damn, I killed an Ogre, but got killed by wolves trying to get back to Coneria to save. Then I realized I had to rebuy my items, so just did that and SAVED. Going out to battle. Less than 100 G left, hope I win or I HAVE to go back to Coneria.

1:17 Wow Just went through about 3 rounds with 1 HP to beat an Ogre from a 1 Creep + him combo. Not risking going back to coneria on this one, saving in elfland.

1:30 Level 12 - 211 HP I'm kinda bored, so I'll stop for a bit.

3:08 Dang forgot to log in. I think it was about 3:00, so about 10 minutes. Anyway, level 13. I am kicking Asp's, Arachnid's, Ogre's, Ogre's + 1 creep, and Shark's asses. I run from wolf packs, Sehag packs, Ogres with more than 1 creep, and Oddeyes (if it's more than one oddeye). I actually kill 2 Ogres now, and can make more than one fight without saving. I think I'll try finger point once I can beat an Ogre with 3 creeps.

3:12 damn with all that typing I forgot to go to the inn. An Ogre with a creep got me before I could run (39 health). I killed 2 creep + Ogre though. :)

3:14 level 13 again, and 99 heal potions.

3:15 yay, it was a big HP gain level. Also I made it all the way from elfland village to Coneria without a battle.

3:17 Sweet, I kill most creeps in 1 move. I took on a 3 creep Ogre pack and won.

3:18 damn, died on previously mentioned party. Some creeps ran away though. First time for that.

3:20 Almost died on 2 ogres. However a wolf ran away, even though I've never fought more than 2 wolves at a time! (They do way too much damage, and lots of critical hits).

3:22 Hmmm, 3 Arachnids give about the same experience as 2 Ogres. And much less damaging! (Except for poison)

3:27 Level 14 - Had to run from a 3 creep combo (as in creeps + Ogre).

3:42 Tried out finger point. Kept getting stuff like 4 zomBulls or 2 Trolls and a zomBull or 3-4 Giants or 5 frost wolves, all of which soundly kicked my ass in one round! One the way back the first time a GrOgre and two Ogres also beat me.

3:45 another level. Killed a creep in one hit.

3:49 both creeps of a combo ran away

3:50 99 heal, 69 tents, 62 pures

4:04 Heh, beat a 2 creep combo with 1 HP left

4:06 99 pures

4:08 Level 16 - This isn't so boring with the turbo button and the stuff I'm doing in the backround. I can even think up cor- witty lines to put in this journal!

4:11 Beat my first GrOgre! (In a Ogre/GrOgre combo) I think my creep days are over, they run a lot. I just hope the asps don't!

4:12 Damnit I forgot to save again! Died on some ghouls... *grumbles*

4:27 Level 17 wonder if I could do finger point with this? LMAO nearly 7000 extra cash and almost nothing to spend it on. 99 cabins?

4:30 This is after 1 round. From full health of 274.

4:31 No way. Perhaps I can get through the Marsh Cave. It would be something to do at least.

4:51 Damn only 2 wizards killed me. I got rid of one though. Just a little more leveling. I need to get more defense, they do so much damage!

5:08 Whoops, got sidetracked on a webpage for a bit.

6:04 wow been busy. Level 19. Going for the wizards again.

6:09 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! On my second try I beat the wizards but a stun party got my on the way out! *sob*

6:15 I have to go get more levels. I wish I could have savesatated once I got that crown... O well

6:32 Still ogre fighting. Almost to a level I think and then I'll try my luck some more. I am still pissed about that time I killed the wizards.

6:40 god I hope level 20 is a big HP gain... 1000 points to go. Everything but Ogres and the occaisional other creature runs now. Hmmm, I killed an Ogre in one hit.

6:42 WHAT CRAP! 10 more HP, and all I got up was Agility and Luck!!!!!! O well, gonna try the marsh cave. I don't have the patience for level 21. (15000 more exp!)

6:43 Maxed out on items, I had 32000 beforehand

6:57 Still trying. I have hardly ever gotten just 2 wizards. I haven't even gotten any of the treasure. I just lay into the attacks with turbo + A and see what happens. I don't even care if there is more than 2 though.

7:01 BEAT THEM! Now I just have to get out...

Seen a stun party twice. Got out with 75 HP the second time...


shit i made it out fast! Ok, up the ladder... YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!1111!!!!

i R teH l33t! r0x0r my b0x0rz March Cave!!!!!!!!!11 w00t!!!

7:05 k, celebration over, saving then going back to elfland then its up to Astos we go...

7:07 OMFG I didn't get the crown..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Shit I'm a dumbass. FUCK FUCK FUCK. O well... DAMN THIS SUCKS!!!

7:16 k, killed them again. More health left this time. Good. Ok, actually GOT the crown this time...


Yay saved!

7:22 Ok, Astos isn't dying. I do like 1-6 damage per hit, unless it's critical. I either die on one of the first 2 turns via rub, or I hit him uselessly until his spells kill me. This is INFINITELY easier for a White Mage. mmmmm... muuute... ruuussee... *drool*

I think I should go to bed. I really should stop staying up until 7 AM...

I wish I could save on the square in front of him... Then I could leave it going all day long... Trying for that one-in-a-million chance when I get enough critical hits and rub doesn't work. Guess I'll need about level 30. I hope I can handle finger point...

December 23, 2004

4:28 PM Logging in. My first object is finger point. The great wizard killer needs help with a dark elf.

4:30 Shit ogres are running away.

4:35 No way, still getting my ass handed to me in 2 rounds or less. I'm going to have to figure something else out. Maybe the marsh cave?

4:57 Fucking geists. Every time I go to fight WerWolves+GrImps or whatever, I run into a pack of these bitches. Stupid Stun bastards, I'm not getting any of my experience back to town...

5:19 DAMNIT FUCKING GHEISTS! They kill me every time!

5:20 Level 21 - The hardest level yet.

5:21 GrImps have started to run.

5:23 How did I ever resist rub before... *sigh* Marsh cave it is.

He doesn't even look like an elf. I can't beat him even if he only uses regular attacks.

5:31 Damn, stun whores twice in a row... by the way, Shadows are GREAT for experience! And a one-hit kill.

5:47 Tents are your friend...

6:14 Fighting 3 Mucks gives you over 700 exp! Great stuff. Anyway, dinner time.

6:52 Back, had to do some chores too.

6:57 Level 22

7:00 Hmmm, Astos killed me without Rub. First time for that...

7:01 Ghouls even run away and they still stun me to death... At least it's fast.

7:25 Shadows are definitely the best thing in the marsh cave, unless I kill some Mucks quick, but there aren't many on the first floor.

7:31 Re-stocked my items (tents in Coneria, Heals and Pures in Elfland). Back to el Marsh Cave-o

8:01 Level 23. Astos here I come?

8:03 I did 8 damage in one hit! Now that's out of 164, right? *sigh*

8:11 OMG, Shadows are running away. Guess I'll have to fight on second floor...

8:33 Ha! Escaped some Stun babies with 15 health! 17k exp to level 24

8:46 Fucking Crawl! It ran away but I still stayed stunned until the F---ing bones had taken away the rest of my 200-something HP...

8:49 Maybe I'll fight the wizards again. I have so much money I could almost buy a gold ring right now! I looted the Marsh Cave BTW.

8:56 YESSSS! I beat 2 wizards (556 exp) and a Muck (255 exp) and GOT OUT! Ran from two Crawl parties, but no Stun.

9:47 Yes! It took forever, and a bunch of wizard fights, but Level 24! And it was a big HP gain. Astos is gonna die!

9:50 Never mind. At my current rate, I have to get a critical hit once every other round... I'm going to finger point

10:01 Still no luck. I think I'll log off for now, Having to get this many levels to beat Astos is tiring.