White Mage Journal

Final Fantasy Origins presents:
The Red Mage Journal
Hey look at me. I'm versatile!

Okay, because somebody said it couldn't be done, I'll now take you down the road of a solo Red Mage game, on a real cart. Now if you don't know how a solo works, you still pick 4 warriors, but you kill 3 of them off immediately. This obviously makes the game harder, but it is made up for somewhat by gaining 4 times as much experience.

Unless I screwed up the calculations it took me 35 hours and 38 minutes over a period of 2 months and 17 days. I didn't bother subtracting any time where I'd died, so this number isn't exactly comparable to the WMJ. By the way, I'm never doing another one of these on cart because the filesize of screenshots comes out about twice as large. If you're interested, these screenshots were taken using my TV tuner made by Hauppauge.

May 22, 2003
11:17 P.M. Starting

Here we go.

Gotta get your three extra bodies each a small knife.

Don't wanna give 'em armor though.

Put the one you want to stay alive at the bottom so he takes the least hits.

Use your weapons as items until the enemies have killed off your 3 drag-alongs. You might need a Cure spell or Heal potion depending on how effecient those Imps are at killing you.

Now kill those damn, dirty Imps!

11:27 P.M. - My other three are dead now. Time to sell their knives and kick imp butt.

11:40 P.M. - I got to level 3 and bought a Tent. Time to get Garland.

11:50 P.M. - Damn wolves almost wouldn't let me run away.

*yawn* Time to fight Garland.

11:54 P.M. - Garland took a while, but I still beat him soundly.

11:58 P.M. - Bought another Tent, now I'm off to Matoya's.


Or rather, "his journey".

11:57 A.M - Now leaving Matoya's.

More stupid wolves that didn't want me to run away.

Nope, no thanks, not yet.

May 23, 2003
12:00 A.M. - Half way to Pravoka, I'm using a Tent.


12:03 A.M. - Made it to Pravoka.

Not enough money to pick up a Short Sword before the fight.


12:06 A.M. - Done in by Pirates? The shame!

I'm pathetic.

12:10 A.M. - Okay, I did better this time. Got to level 4 too.

You're damn right.

12:12 A.M. - Bought a Short Sword, sold my Rapier, and had just enough money to visit the Inn.

12:20 A.M. - Damn shark killed me.

12:25 A.M. - Woo, barely scraped by against 2 ogres, reached level 5!

Close call.

12:30 A.M. - Bought some Gloves, but argh, with all the typing distracting me I've walked out of town twice without hitting the Inn.

12:33 A.M. - Killed by an Iguana. And damn it! My clock was off, now I have to adjust all these times. :(

12:37 A.M. - Jay's over, time for Conan. I'm actually listening to George Noory though.

12:39 A.M. - Haha, a fat joke about the American Idol winner. Okay sorry, I'll get back to the game. :D

12:44 A.M. - Got enough cash to buy a level 4 spell and get the hell out of here. (Ooh, Conan's "In The Year 2000" bit with Jim Carrey assisting.)

12:51 A.M. - Slowly murdered by OddEyes and Sahags. What kind of God would allow that?

12:53 A.M. - Killed by another shark.

12:58 A.M. - Killed by Ogre+3 Creeps on the way to the Dwarf Cave.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm just here to steal your gold.

1:02 A.M. - Now leaving Dwarf Cave, destination: Fun and excitement! With elves!

1:05 A.M. - Okay, me need food, me need sleep. Good bye.

I need more leveling.

May 26, 2003
11:15 P.M. - Starting. I have "Weird Al" Yankovic's new album "Poodle Hat" going during today's session.

11:20 P.M. - After pummeling 4 Kyzoku, then 2 Ogres, I got to level 6, and I have enough money for a level 3 spell.

11:24 P.M. - After picking up FIR2, then INVS and saving, I'm going to Finger Point for the first time.

11:26 P.M. - I took on an Ogre without using Fog. Stupid. I'm hitting the Inn again then I'm going to Finger Point.

11:29 P.M. - Damn it. Even with Fog, the combination of an Orge and a GrOgre got me. Try again.

11:32 P.M. - Wolves and GrWolves wouldn't let me run, so they had to taste hot fiery death. Back to the Inn.

11:34 P.M. - Man, it's easy to level up with one character. I got to 7 on the way back to the Inn. Off to try again now.

11:37 P.M. - Made it to Finger Point with both spell charges intact.

Ooh, the best possible enemy party.

11:39 P.M. - Made it to level 8, but I was too stupid to bring Tents, so I'm not risking another battle here.

11:43 P.M. - Made it back to the Inn, and we're off for more. Whoops, better buy some Tents and Heal Potions.

11:49 P.M. - Ug, stupid Geists. Paralyzing undead are the bane of the solo party! Try again.


11:50 P.M. - Ooh, Jay has headlines. Hehe, "Spelling Be".

11:55 P.M. - Made it back to FP.

11:56 P.M. - Killed by Giants, no surprise, that's what Tents are for. Then Ogres, WTF?

11:59 P.M. - And the stupid Ogres almost killed me. I'd accidently stepped down a space.

May 27, 2003
12:01 A.M. - Killed by Giants.

12:02 A.M. - Slaughtered by a Tyro.

12:03 A.M. - Fuck! I thought I got lucky, met 4 ZomBulls. One of 'em got a critical on the first turn and killed me in one hit!

Son of a...

12:05 A.M. - Fucking Giants!

12:06 A.M. - Fucking Giants.

12:07 A.M. - Fucking Zombulls.

12:10 A.M. - Beat FrWolves and got to level 9.

12:19 A.M. - Many, many deaths later I beat more FrWolves with one HP left. I have just about enough money for a Silver Sword.

12:27 A.M. - Got my sword, got Heals and Tents, got to level 10, saved in Pravoka, and I should just need one more trip to Finger Point.

12:29 A.M. - Damn it! Geist attack right before I was going to save.

12:33 A.M. - After a few deaths I've determined that using INVS is not an effective strategy.

12:39 A.M. - Many more deaths, and I finally beat some more FrWolves.

12:42 A.M. - After more deaths, took me 2 shots of FIR2 to survive it, but I beat more FrWolves, got to level 11 and I have enough money for LIT2.

12:49 A.M. - Got LIT2, 5 Pures, and 10 Heals. I'm off to the Marsh Cave.

12:53 A.M. - One Geist. One mother fucking geist took his sweet time killing my 196 HP Red Mage.

12:55 A.M. - Made it to the Marsh Cave.

12:58 A.M. - Damn Crawls killed me!

1:00 A.M. - Fucking ghouls! This stupid Red Mage gets paralyzed if you look at him!

1:03 A.M. - Weird, I walked through a bat somehow.

1:05 A.M. - Muck?! How the hell did I get killed by Muck?

1:08 A.M. - Woo! I made it to the stupid Wizards.

I thought it would be easy.

1:09 A.M. - They killed me.

1:13 A.M. - Made it to the Wizards again.
...and lost again.

1:18 A.M. - Made it to the Wizards again.
...and lost again.

1:21 A.M. - Fucking Ghouls got me.

1:25 A.M. - Made it to the Wizards again... Beat them!!!

1:29 A.M. - Yessss!!!!! I made it out!

1:32 A.M. - I made it to the Northwest Castle.

1:33 A.M. - Rub.

1:33 1/2 A.M. - Rub.

1:34 A.M. - At least he didn't Rub me. Killed me in one hit though.

1:35 A.M. - Rub.

1:36 A.M. - Rub.

1:37 A.M. - Rub.

1:37 1/2 A.M. - Rub.

1:39 A.M. - Killed by FIR2.

1:39 1/2 A.M. - Rub.

1:40 A.M. - Rub.

1:42 A.M. - Rub.

1:43 A.M. - Rub.

1:44 A.M. - Rub.

1:44 1/2 A.M. - Rub.

1:46 A.M. - Rub.


1:49 A.M. - Yay!!! I beat his sorry green ass! Got to level 12.

1:54 A.M. - I got back to ElfLand, bought Fast, some Heals, Pures, and a Soft (moron!), and saved. I need to go to bed.

9:34 P.M. - Starting

9:40 P.M. - Got the Herb, got the Key, time to open stuff!

9:58 P.M. - Got the TNT, opened the canal, but I'm going to do some leveling before I go to Melmond.

10:34 P.M. - Motherfucking House bug!!

11:00 P.M. - I picked up ICE2 and FIR3, now it's back to leveling. I'm at level 16.

11:17 P.M. - Hunger strikes! I'll have to go fight it.

11:21 P.M. - I'm back from food mission 1.

11:32 P.M. - Gotta go for food mission 2. I just hit level 18.

11:38 P.M. - Back from food mission 2.

11:43 P.M. - Woo! Bagged my first Tyro.

11:48 P.M. - Time for food mission 3.

11:51 P.M. - Back. Finally have food. I burnt it a little, but yum.

May 28, 2003
12:09 A.M. - I'm starting to really kick ass. I just beat 2 sets of 4 ZomBulls and I hit at level 20. I'll go to Melmond and quit.

12:20 A.M. - Good night.

3:35-ish P.M. - Starting. Heading into the Earth Cave to kill me a Vampire.

3:40 P.M. - Beat Vampy.

3:45 P.M. - I got in and out, and it was pretty uneventful. I had one close call, but it was near the entrance anyway. Only one battle with Coctrices, and I ran easily. No problems with stunning undead.

I forgot to get a picture of the Vampire, so Sarda'll do.

3:59 P.M. - Got the Rod, recharged at the Inn, now I'm heading back into the Earth Cave for Lich.

4:06 P.M. - Got to Lich. Another uneventful trip, anything scary was nice enough to let me run away.

I forgot to fill up my HP before the fight. It was a close call.

4:09 P.M. - Beat that Lich, FIR3 x 3 did it.

4:16 P.M. - Saved in Coneria, (got to level 21 on the way), I'm going to switch to my one-handed controller to use turbo to buy Heal Potions.

4:20 P.M. - Okay I'm back. Gotta buy some Heal Potions and head to Crescent Lake.

4:30 P.M. - Well I learned a lesson. Use Tents on the way to Crescent Lake.

4:35 P.M. - Made it to Crescent Lake, bought a Buckler, got the Canoe, saved, and I gotta go.

4:46 P.M. - Okay I'm back. It's Spam sandwiches. Not as bad as I was expecting.

4:53 P.M. - I made it to the Castle of Ordeal.

4:54 P.M. - Damn it, killed by Sorcerers.

4:55 P.M. - Stoned by Medusas.

4:56 P.M. - Be right back.

5:06 P.M. - Back.

5:08 P.M. - Killed by Mummies.

5:13 P.M. - Almost made it, but I was stoned by Medusas.

5:16 P.M. - Killed by ZomBulls.

5:17 P.M. - Medusas.

5:21 P.M. - Crap, I picked up the Tail. Now I have to remember not to talk to Bahamut.

5:24 P.M. - Made it out.

5:27 P.M. - Back in Coneria, but I gotta go for a minute.

5:34 P.M. - I'm back, my dad wanted my soldering iron.

5:39 P.M. - Whoops. I got half way to the Ryukahn Desert before I remembered it was too early for that. I'll need more levels before I hit the Ice Cave, but I think now's a good time to quit.

June 4, 2003
6:04 P.M. - Starting. Today I'm using the NES Max. The one-hander was a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I guess I'll be leveling.

6:11 P.M. - Just got to level 22.

6:21 P.M. - The equipment I picked up in the Castle of Ordeal really makes a difference. It's taken until now for me to get killed fighting Finger Point monsters, and I haven't been running from anything.

6:23 P.M. - Level 23.

6:25 P.M. - I think there's food to be eaten. I'll be right back.

6:32 P.M. - Okay, I'm back. It's ham sandwiches.

6:48 P.M. - Level 24.

7:01 P.M. - Level 25. I'll stock up, hit the Inn, and head to the Ice Cave.

7:11 P.M. - Made it to the Ice Cave, but I'll leave that for another day.

June 9, 2003
10:47 P.M. - Starting. Okay, I'll be tackling the Ice Cave. I'll have very little patience for failure though, because I'm tired and I'm waiting for the bathroom to be free.

10:50 P.M. - I just survived a run-in with some undead. They're courteous enough to hit you for more than 1 damage after they paralyze you.

10:52 P.M. - I just survived the undead spiked square. I don't think I'll bother getting the chests on this floor because I'm not wanting for money.

10:53 P.M. - So right after I finish typing that they throw a pair of Frost Dragons at me. Nice.

10:54 P.M. - Two blasts of FIR3 later and I am the victor.

10:57 P.M. - I made it to the Eye, hope it goes well.


10:58 P.M. - Fuck. I had my hopes up when his first turn XXXX failed, but the second turn BRAK worked. They toilet's free so I'll be back shortly.

11:03 P.M. - Okay, I think I'll try one more time and quit. I didn't hit any Mages, Wizards, or Sorcerers the first time through. That was odd.

11:06 P.M. - Killed by undead. I guess I have enough enery/patience for another go.

11:09 P.M. - A small pack of undead just pummeled me soundly, but I survived.

11:11 P.M. - Survived the spiked square.

11:14 P.M. - I scraped by with 9 HP after fighting 2 Frost Dragons. What the hell is going here with the encounters?

11:16 P.M. - Fuck! The Eye killed me with another 2nd turn BRAK. That's enough for today. That was weird though. In 2 1/2 trips I never fought mages or Sorcerers, fought Frost Dragons twice, and only fought one pack of Wizards.

June/July ??, 2003 (Oops, when I copied this date I forgot to change it from "June 9". It could've been anywhere from June 10th to July 12. D'oh.)
4:38 P.M. - Starting. Gotta try and hit the Ice Cave again. I'm using an SNES asciiPad with an adaptor because I didn't like the circle pad on the NES Max.

5:18 P.M. - Quitting. I've had considerably less luck with the whole not dying thing than yesterday. I've just now finally gotten to the Eye for the first time, and just like yesterday he killed me on the second turn with a BRAK spell.

July 13, 2003
10:42 P.M. - Starting. I'm watching Robocop, which I recently purchased on DVD. Did you see the premiere of Banzai today? Anyway, I think I'll build a few levels before trying the Ice Cave again.

10:51 P.M. - Just filled up on Tents. Robocop just beat the crap out of Red from That 70's Show. :-)

11:05 P.M. - Just got to level 26. Robocop took his helmet off with a power drill.

11:13 P.M. - Ooh, here's the scene I remember the most from watching this movie when I was a kid. One of the guys drives into the tank of toxic waste and his skin is all melting off. Then the main bad guy hits him with a car and he explodes. Nothing really interesting is happening in the game right now. Just leveling.

11:20 P.M. - Ah, the Cyborganizer. Er, I mean Robocop. Good movie. I'm going to get a drink and such, then it's back to work.

11:42 P.M. - I'm back.

11:47 P.M. - Got to level 27. Good thing, I'm out of spells.

July 14, 2003
12:11 A.M. - Got to level 28.

12:24 A.M. - Level 29.

12:34 A.M. - Okay, I'm stocked up, saved, and ready to go back to the Ice Cave.

12:38 A.M. - Going in.

12:39 A.M. - Wizards are running away from me. That's a good sign.

12:42 A.M. - Shit. Mages got first strike and got me with RUB.

12:44 A.M. - Fuck. Sorcerer got me.

12:46 A.M. - Fuck. Sorcerer got me. What's with this luck?

12:48 A.M. - Son of a bitch! Pack of undead did the slow death dance.

12:51 A.M. - Woo! Survived sorcerers.

12:55 A.M. - Damn, killed by the undead at the spiked square.

12:59 A.M. - Hahaha, 3 sorcerers attacked me. They kept Trancing me, but then one ran away, then another, then I got the hell out of there. Oh, Drudge is over, time for Buffy.

1:02 A.M. - Damn that spiked square! How did I make it to the Eye so easily before?

1:05 A.M. - Damn mages!

1:09 A.M. - I lucked out and got a small party at the spiked square. I'm not taking chances. I'm not getting any of the chests here. I don't need the money anyway.

1:10 A.M. - So the obvious answer to good luck is a party of 4 mages to kill me right after I typed that. :-(

1:12 A.M. - Fucking sorcerers.

1:13 A.M. - Mages.

1:16 A.M. - Damn undead.

1:19 A.M. - Mages.

1:21 A.M. - Mages.

Still 1:21 A.M. - Coctrices and mummies.

1:22 A.M. - Son of a bitch! Coctrices again.

1:26 A.M. - Mummies.

1:31 A.M. - Nice. The spiked square undead beat me down to 4 HP but I got away.

1:33 A.M. - God damn! Why do the mages show up every time I survive the spiked square?

1:36 A.M. - Okay, that's a new one. Wizards killed me. I'm gonna go brush my teeth.

1:45 A.M. - Back.

1:47 A.M. - Mages.

1:49 A.M. - Sorcerers.

1:51 A.M. - Why do these damn mages always get first strike?

1:59 A.M. - Damn it! I almost made it to the Eye, but a coctrice got me. I'm going to sleep now.

July 21, 2003
11:47 P.M. - Starting. I'll take a few more tries at the Ice Cave. Hope it goes well. "Folks it's Monday night. Time for headlines."

11:52 P.M. - Awesome. I made it past the spiked square but immediately hit a pack of Mages. I survived at least 2 RUBs and came out okay.

11:53 P.M. - Ha! I came across 2 Frost Dragons thinking how they're actually an easy fight with my solo RM. They got me down to 4 HP before they died.

Ha, loser attacked me instead of using spells.

11:59 P.M. - Yes! I beat that stuipd Eye! Now I need to get the hell out of here.


July 22, 2003
12:03 A.M. - Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! YES!!!! I got out and saved! Gotta head back to town now. By the way, I'm listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic's Genius in France during my escape.

12:08 A.M. - Made it to Pravoka, saved, now to get that airship!

My favorite final parking spot for the ship.


12:15 A.M. - Just filled up on Heals and Tents in Coneria. Now I'll raid the treasure chests in Cardia.

12:20 A.M. - Okay, money in hand, I'm visiting Gaia to get a ProRing.

12:22 A.M. - Now I'm heading for the Waterfall for my Ribbon and other goodies.

12:24 A.M. - The monsters here are nasty, I'm saving in Onrac on the way.

12:26 A.M. - Saved outside the Waterfall, I'm going in.

12:33 A.M. - Made it out with treasures in hand, and saved.

Got this out of the way early. What else am I going to do with all my money?

12:39 A.M. - I filled up on Heals and Tents and saved in Coneria. Next time I'll hit the Gurgu Volcano, but I guess I'll quit now.

July 23, 2003
5:35 P.M. - Starting. I'm hungry, and there's no candy bars here! I started preheating the oven for a pizza, but I wanted some kind of chocolate. Anyway, gotta hit that volcano.

5:46 P.M. - I made it to level 30.

Oooooh, stats.

5:49 P.M. - Kary beat the poo out of me.

5:52 P.M. - Ooh, the oven must be preheated by now. Gotta put my pizza in.

5:56 P.M. - Back.

6:02 P.M. - Okay, last time I started off with FAST and Kary proceding to whomp me fiercely. This time I'll go straight into casting RUSE repeatedly with Defense. Oop, gotta get my pizza.

6:08 P.M. - Alright, I'm back. Kary will taste pain while I taste pizza. Or, oops, that is, after I get to level 30 again.

6:11 P.M. - Got to 30, time to kill Kary.

6:14 P.M. - My strategy worked like a charm.

6:23 P.M. - I filled up on Heals, got the Oxyale, saved in Onrac, and I'm heading in to the Sea Shrine.

6:25 P.M. - Maybe I should be more careful about what I fight. I've been having a lot of close calls.

6:28 P.M. - Damn ghosts killed me.

6:32 P.M. - Damn ghosts got me again.

6:36 P.M. - I hate these fucking ghosts!

6:49 P.M. - I got everything on the top floors, made it out and saved, now I'm going back for the lower floors.

7:00 P.M. - Damn ghosts again. Gotta put another pizza in, I'm still hungry.

7:04 P.M. - Back, time to go back in.

7:09 P.M. - Got to level 31.

7:12 P.M. - Gotta go for a bit.

7:16 P.M. - Back.

7:22 P.M. - Kraken killed me. I gotta quit.

11:30 P.M. - Starting. I'll try again to kill Kraken.

11:39 P.M. - Got to level 31 again.

This battle took forever.

11:48 P.M. - I beat Kraken. Several shots of RUSE and a few CUR3s were necessary to survive his brutal beatings.

July 24, 2003

Thanks mister.

12:03 P.M. - Made it to Lefein and got the Chime.

12:07 P.M. - Got to level 32.

12:10 P.M. - Now entering the Mirage Tower to scoop up some treasure.

12:19 P.M. - Bah. I'll just go ahead and try to beat it. I've got no reason to go back out and save.

12:28 P.M. - Shit. I made it all the way to Tiamat's bridge, but I got killed by a Sorcerer.

12:33 P.M. - Fuck. Killed by the Blue Dragon. I'm tired, I guess I'll quit.

July 26, 2003
2:37 P.M. - Starting. Another try.

2:49 P.M. - Oh, fantastic. I just encountered WarMech and he got first strike. Let's hope I can run.

2:50 P.M. - Nope. He used Nuclear for 90 when I had 85 HP left. Guess I'll go again.

2:51 P.M. - Killed by Vampires? God, I suck.

3:04 P.M. - Damn it! I was more than half way up the bridge and the Sorcerers got me.

"One in a million shot, Doc. One in a million."

3:12 P.M. - Turned to stone by a GrMEDUSA!? How the hell did that happen?

3:25 P.M. - I've gone in and gotten all the treasure I want. Now instead of getting killed again, I'll go back out and save. I should gain a level on the way out.

3:28 P.M. - Made it to level 33.

3:35 P.M. - Made it back out.

3:41 P.M. - Made it to level 34.

3:47 P.M. - I filled up on Heal Potions and I'm going back in.

3:54 P.M. - Yes! I ran from Sorcerers on the bridge. Hopefully I'll be as lucky the rest of the way.

I hope not.

3:56 P.M. - I made it to Tiamat. I hope it goes well.

3:59 P.M. - Woo! I beat her. I forgot to give him the Bane Sword, so I had no choice but to kill her the old fashioned way.

4:02 P.M. - I filled up on supplies and saved. I'll quit for now.

July 28, 2003
11:27 P.M. - Starting. I'll try and take the Temple of Fiends, but I won't give it too many tries because I'm a little sick and my eyes hurt.

11:29 P.M. - I came very close to beating 3 Gas Dragons, but the killed me.

11:32 P.M. - The Phantom beat me down pretty hard with physical damage. The SOB is supposed to use spells on me! Well, here we go again...

11:46 P.M. - I died a few more times, and this is the first time I've made it to the Phantom again. A few casts of RUSE and I was able to beat it easily (but slowly).

11:55 P.M. - I beat Lich and got to level 35.

July 29, 2003
12:02 A.M. - As usual, Kary was the easiest Fiend this time around.

12:05 A.M. - Damn it. Kraken hit hard twice, and as I was about to cast CUR3 he hit me with a 27 point LIT2 when I had 27 HP left. This is where I quit.

11:59 A.M. - Starting. I don't have much time, so I'll only try this once.

12:01 P.M. - Okay, I died pretty quickly. I'll try again.

12:05 P.M. - D'oh. Phantom got XFER to work, then got me with GLANCE. I still have time, I'll try again.

12:09 P.M. - I'll quit now. Gas Dragons got me. I should do some leveling next time.

August 4, 2003
10:35 A.M. - Starting. I guess I'll go to the Castle of Ordeal to level up.

10:42 A.M. - Got to level 35.

10:44 A.M. - Woo, escaped a pack of Sorcerers.

10:48 A.M. - Dyaa! I didn't remember that Zombie Dragons could stun you. Good thing I get cured pretty fast.

10:51 A.M. - Level 36.

10:57 A.M. - Level 37.

11:03 A.M. - Got to level 38. I was going for 40, but I'm out of Heal potions, so I'll be leaving.

11:11 A.M. - I filled up on supplies, now I'm ready to back into the Temple of Fiends.

11:14 A.M. - D'oh, I took off the Defense to fight the Zombie Dragons and I forgot to put it back on. I managed to beat the Phantom unscathed anyway.

Take that, vile fiend!

11:23 A.M. - I almost beat Lich without him casting NUKE on me. He got one off right before I won though.

11:25 A.M. - Must be more careful. I was going to use the easy monsters of the Fire floor to heal up with the Heal Staff instead of wasting potions. Then I hit a pack of four Fires. I think I'm okay though.

11:31 A.M. - Ooh, filled up my HP and got to level 39.

11:35 A.M. - I beat Kary. The battle was incident free. RUSEx3, FAST, then many hits.

I hate you! I hate you!

11:39 A.M. - %#&%#$#@$@!!!! Kraken hit me for over 500 damage on the first turn!!!!

11:44 A.M. - Beat the Phantom.

11:54 A.M. - Beat Lich.

11:58 A.M. - Oh, 3 Fires got me right away, and again I filled up my HP and got to level 39.

12:05 P.M. - This time the battle with Kary occurred with incident. She got in 2 critical hits and came close to killing me.

12:09 P.M. - FUCK!!!! A sixpack of Waters kept getting through my RUSEs with critical hits and smited me mightily. I gotta go do something. Then I'll try again.

12:45 P.M. - I'm back, time to go back in.

12:47 P.M. - Aha, that's why I've been doing so well. No Gas Dragons. I just found 4 of them, who proceded to mop the floor with me.

12:51 P.M. - D'oh, Phantom used XFER then GLARE.

12:55 P.M. - Whoa, provided you actually survive a battle with Gas Dragons, they give some nice experience.

12:56 P.M. - I beat more Gas Dragons, got to level 39.

1:11 P.M. - Beat Lich.

1:25 P.M. - Beat Kary, got to level 40.

1:31 P.M. - WOOOOOO! I beat Kraken! It took me a lot of CUR3s, but I did it! I hope I do well because I don't want to have to beat Kraken again.

1:33 P.M. - Wooha! I got the Masmune.

1:39 P.M. - Gyaa! A party of Zombie Dragons and Wizard Vampires beat a raincheck into my ass. I scraped by though.

1:45 P.M. - I did better against another Zombie D/WzVampire party, filled up my HP, and got to level 41. Also, they played the annoying tone of the Emergency Alert System on the radio, and it wasn't a test, it was an actual emergency. As such I was given instructions on what's going on and what to do. Apparently there's a tornado in the next county.

Hope I do well.

1:50 P.M. - Crap, I forgot to mention when I beat Tiamat, but I can tell from above that it happened between 1:39 and 1:45. Anywho, I'm about to fight Chaos.

Hope I do well.

1:54 P.M. - Damn! The Masmune was cutting through Chaos like butter. Then he cast CUR4 just before I would've killed him. After that I wasn't hitting nearly as well, I kept my HP up a little, but he NUKEd me. I'll level up more, and use my CUR3s more wisely on the next trip, but right now I'm quitting.

August 5, 2003
1:49 P.M. - Starting. I'll do some leveling.

2:02 P.M. - I got to level 39.

2:18 P.M. - Level 40.

2:20 P.M. - Gotta go for a second.

2:48 P.M. - Back.

2:56 P.M. - Aw, the guy who played Timmy died a year ago today. They put one of those "In Loving Memory" things at the end of Passions.

3:00 P.M. - Level 41.

3:09 P.M. - Level 42.

3:14 P.M. - I've filled up on supplies and saved, now I'm going back into the ToF.

3:35 P.M. - I hit level 43.


3:40 P.M. - Damn it!! I forgot to use RUSE while fighting Kary and she kicked my ass.

3:46 P.M. - Damn Gas Dragons killed me.

3:50 P.M. - Phantom stoned me.

3:53 P.M. - Gas Dragons got me.

3:56 P.M. - Gas Dragons.

4:00 P.M. - Phantom stoned me.

4:02 P.M. - I beat some Gas Dragons, woo.

4:03 P.M. - Phantom stoned me.

4:09 P.M. - I beat some Gas Dragons and got to level 43.

4:11 P.M. - Phantom got me with XFER, BRAK didn't work, but then RUB did. :-(

4:25 P.M. - Level 43.

4:39 P.M. - Beat Lich.

4:56 P.M. - Beat Kraken and got to level 44.

5:10 P.M. - FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so close to the Masmune. I fought a big pack of Vampires and a Wizard Vamp instead of running away. They beat me down some, I'd killed all the Vampires with the Mage Staff, and I was about to cast CUR3. I thought to myself that statically, I should win this battle. The WzVamp could use an enemy spell, which would fail, he could cast a regular spell, which wouldn't do much damage, or he could fight. There's only a 50% chance that he would go before me. So there was probably a 25% chance (or less) that he would do a normal attack before I could cast CUR3, and that attack probably wouldn't do enough damage to kill me anyway.
Guess what happened.
I don't the patience to play again now, so I'm quitting.

August 6, 2003
4:00 P.M. - Starting. My Faker figure will be the mascot for this session to bring good luck. I'll try again to win, but I've got less than an hour to do it.

He doesn't actually have the power. He's just pretending.

4:15 P.M. - Beat Lich, got to level 43.

4:18 P.M. - Beat Kary.

4:23 P.M. - Beat Kraken.

4:29 P.M. - Got the Masmune.

4:31 P.M. - Damn it all! A pack of three Worms got one too many critical hits. I was so close to fighting Tiamat. You know the game's flawed when the random encounters are a bigger threat than the boss. :-(
I'll quit now, but maybe I'll try again later today.

10:05 P.M. - Starting. Last time I accidentally unplugged my NES without turning it off first. Luckily my save was okay. Faker is once again the mascot for this trip. Let's hope he provides better luck.

10:28 P.M. - Beat Kary.

10:39 P.M. - Beat Kraken.

10:45 P.M. - Level 44.

10:45 P.M. - Masmune.

10:50 P.M. - I've had some amazing luck running from Sorcerers.

Second easiest Fiend.

10:52 P.M. - Beat Tiamat.


10:57 P.M. - Oh, rotten luck again. Despite my CUR3s, Chaos managed to get me. If I don't get him next time, I'll do more leveling up. Right now I'm going to get a drink.

11:11 P.M. - Back.

11:36 P.M. - Level 43.

11:51 P.M. - What the fuck? Kary's RUB worked! Argh. Okay, that's enough for today.

August 7, 2003
4:02 P.M. - Starting. Argh. I'll do leveling.

4:14 P.M. - I hit level 43. I'm using the second floor of the Floating Castle by the way.

4:22 P.M. - I hit level 44.

4:33 P.M. - Level 45.

4:45 P.M. - Level 46. I'll head out now.

4:56 P.M. - I've refilled my supplies, saved, and now I'm ready to go into the ToF. I'm listening to the Frank Zappa album Have I Offended Someone?

5:00 P.M. - Beat the Phantom.

5:09 P.M. - Level 47.

5:13 P.M. - Damn it! Four Earths killed me.

5:20 P.M. - Stupid Phantom! XFER worked, but two GLAREs and a GLANCE didn't. Then RUB did. :-(

5:22 P.M. - Damn, killed by Gas Dragons.

5:37 P.M. - Level 47.

5:40 P.M. - Beat Kary.

5:52 P.M. - Jesus, a 6-pack of Water is one of the hardest battles here. Even with several RUSEs, they still beat you down with huge critical hits, and you can't run. I filled up my HP on the last one with the Heal Staff, accidentally did it one more time than I needed to, and with its final attack it knocked off almost 200 of my HP. I also had to waste 2 or 3 CUR3s and some ICE2s at the beginning of the fight.

5:56 P.M. - Mother Fuck!!!! Another 6-pack!

5:58 P.M. - Damn, hell, fuck! They killed me.

6:01 P.M. - Killed by 4 Gas Dragons.

6:06 P.M. - Killed 4 Gas Dragons, got to level 47.

6:51 P.M. - Level 48.

6:53 P.M. - Beat Kary.

7:00 P.M. - Beat Kraken.

7:07 P.M. - DAMN IT! Fucking Worms killed me. I'm going away for a bit.

7:22 P.M. - Back. I'm going to level a little more.

7:39 P.M. - Got to level 47. Man these sissy enemies run away easily. It takes forever to level up. I'm gonna quit for now, and probably try again later today.

9:59 P.M. - Starting I feel like crap. I hope this works in one try.

10:02 P.M. - Killed by 4 Gas Dragons.

10:16 P.M. - Woo, the Phantom's stupid XFER spell didn't work.

10:36 P.M. - Beat Kary, got to level 48.

11:01 P.M. - Got to level 49.

still 11:01 P.M. - Got the Masmune.

11:06 P.M. - Beat Tiamat.

11:10 P.M. - Level 50.

11:14 P.M. - Nooo!!! Even at level 50 Chaos killed me! I survived his NUKE, and plinked away at him hoping not to get hit by a strong spell, and he got a critical hit on me. I was so close!! I'm gonna get a drink then give it another try.

11:30 P.M. - Back.

11:32 P.M. - Killed by 4 Gas Dragons.

11:43 P.M. - Beat the Phantom.

11:57 P.M. - Beat Lich.

August 8, 2003
12:00 A.M. - Beat Kary and got to level 48.

12:08 A.M. - Beat Kraken.

12:16 A.M. - Got Masmune.

12:18 A.M. - Level 49.

12:27 A.M. - NOO! I was very close to killing Chaos. This crafty son of a bitch hits me exactly right. That's it, fuck sleep, I'm gonna go at this motherfucker again.

12:49 A.M. - Level 48.

1:04 A.M. - Level 49.

still 1:04 A.M. - Masmune.

1:12 A.M. - Beat Tiamat.

Final menu screen.

Final magic.

Final status.

Final weapons.

Final armor.

Of course I remember you, asshole. This is about the 20th time I've fought you today.

Sounds great.

Seriously, how does that work?

1:16 A.M. - YES!!! YES! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!! Finally!!! My head hurts, my nose is running, I'm tired. I'm not making another one of these damn journals until next year at least.


I forgive you.

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.