White Mage Journal

The thief, probably the weakest of the 6. they can't fight as well as a fighter or a blackbelt. Not as useful as one of the mages. The only thing they're useful for is running away (Which in some parts, is pretty useful). I am gonna try and beat FF1 with a solo theif. only a hidden few has done such a thing, and even less without savestating. Most that have started this only made it to Astos, then either savestating or quitting. This is the impossible dream.

Oh and less pic's. I went a little pic crazy last journal -_-

July 4th, 2006 (Happy 4th of July! Now go blow something up!)
7:20pm:It Begins....

7:22: Bought crap for Da, saved
7:24: Crap! Killed off both the ieie's and Db and only 1 imp left. at 10hp. what do I do? I attack. missed, imp attacks, cricital hit, 11 dmg, boom, dead :(
7:29: Better, Backpacks are dead, I live with 14hp. Saved
7:31: Lvl 2! Hp57, SAL
7:35: Lvl 3! Hp83, SIVL
7:43: Lvl 4! Hp106, SAL
7:46: Bought 7 heals and 3 tents, gonna go after Garland teh Noob
7:47: Saved at the ToF
7:48: Got the Cap, got out and saved
7:50: My ass beaten by Garland?!? :o

7:51: And again...
7:52: And again.... not ready yet... gonna go back with all my shame.
8:00: Lvl 5! Hp133, SIL
8:15: Lvl 6! Hp135, SAIVL, gonna give Garland another shot...
8:18: Saved at the ToF
8:19: Wootness! It was a pretty tough fight, had to use all 5 of my heals... but the point is that Garland is dead and the princess is mine...

8:21: Always remember to pick up the Lute. I always do after last time -_-
8:24: Made it to Pravoka, bought Scimtar and gloves. saved
8:26: Tried the pirates, took out 6, but the 3 took me out :( better buy heals
8:28: Wow, did even worse. This battle is mainly about luck... well pretty much EVERY battle is about luck...
8:30: Died
8:31: Yay! Took them out, and only used half my heals

8:32: Got pwned by a shark.
8:33: Wow I cant even kill 1 sahag, the sea is not for me yet....
8:34: Damn lizard
8:35: A couple more fights and saved, gonna stop for now... made pretty good progress today.

July 5.
Theres like nothing to do right now, Runescape's too packed (Its a pretty good mmorpg for Snes 3d graphics). Still waiting for my account infomation from Age of Empires 3. Dont really feel like playing Half Life, and theres nobody on Halo. so gonna try lvling up for a hour...

11:00am: Starting.
11:00: Died by Imps/GrWolves
11:01: Died by wolves
12:17: Had to do something, back now
12:18: Pwned by ponies :(
12:19: Died by wolves/imps
12:21: Died by wolves
12:22: Saved at coneria. I should just kill imps for now if I cant kill anything else.
12:23: Lvl 7! Hp 161, SIL
12:29: Pros about fighting imps: They die fast, and only can do up to 2dmg usually, so no deaths
Cons: They take a long time to lvl up. A really long time. Roughly i need about 60 more battles until lvl up
12:52: Lvl 8! Hp 163, SAL.
12:53: Made it to elfland. got a sabre and copper bracelet. saved.
12:54: On the way out, completely owned by creeps and an ogre
12:55: Death by sahags... I think the sabre is actually WORSE!
12:56: Well not really, just killed a shark. Saved and quit. gonna get some lunch
3:40: Back
3:41: Damn kyzoku's!
3:42: Wow i cant hit shit with the sabre...
3:43: And I can hit with scimtar, but its weak as hell... mise as well go with sabre....
3:44: Damn shark.
3:45: Damn shark!
3:46: Screw this, im not gonna post everytime I die. everyone knows that I am gonna die alot, so yeah.... anyways, screw the sea, gonna go to pravoka...
3:50: Im slowly losing money, but dying less, so meh
3:51: Woo, killed my first ogre!
4:00: Still no lvl up, but its better than imps
4:02: Lvl 9! Hp 188, SIVL
4:17: I love the "speed up game" button, but it misses the fact your like dying 3 times a minute....
4:20: Lvl 10! Hp191, SAIVL. gonna stop for now...

July 6
I finally got my account info back from the people from AOE3, and might play it later. But first, gonna see if I can gain at least 5 lvls today.

4:10pm: Starting.
4:18: I just noticed something. Bikke's pirates are weak as hell, so how the hell can they survive the harsh seas? also brb, supper....
4:30: Back
4:36: Sigh....

4:42: Wow, looks like I gotta reset :(
6:06: Had to go away for awile....
6:16: Lvl 11! Hp217, AL
6:31: Still need 3105 exp till lvl up, this is gonna be a long quest :(
7:15: Lvl 12! Hp220, SAIVL+ 2 hits!!! gonna take a break....
8:53: Back, training on elfland now...
9:02: Lvl 13! Hp247, SIVL, its fun when you can actually kill stuff now...
9:17: Lvl 14! Hp250, AL
9:19: Bought some tents, gonna prepare for the marsh caves
9:30: Lvl 15! Hp276, SIVL. gonna try the Marsh Caves...
9:32: Saved at the MC
9:34: Damn, i got 4 wizards. need 2
9:37: Damn crawl...
9:38: Damn ghoul
9:40: I hate stun so much!
9:40: I made it to the wizards, got 2, and still got owned... I need more lvls... tommorow...
9:42: Made it back to elfland, gonna quit for tonight

July 7
3:28pm: Back. gonna see if I can get the crown today...
3:37: Lvl 16! Hp280, SAIL
3:46: No, I finally died :(
3:50: Lvl 17! Hp284, SAL
4:05: Lvl 18! Hp309, SVL
Augh.... I dont think I have the energy to get 12k exp....

4:28: Lvl 19! Hp313, SAIVL. Gonna take a break, then go after teh crown...

8:13: Da_Backster! gonna go after teh crown now
8:14: Saved at the MC
8:15: Damn, 4 wizards
8:16: Omg, Got stunned by a crawl, it ran, and the bones slowly killed me off...
8:18: Damn, 3 wizards. took one out though
8:20: Omg h4x0r!! got 2 Wizards, but the cricital every time except the first attack!
8:22: Damn, 4
8:23: Damn 4, never even got to attack!
8:24: Damn ghouls
8:26: Damn, 3. I dont even think I can take out 2. better lvl up some more...
8:36: Tried again and ALMOST!! got 2, but the last one gt a lucky cricical at the end... I can do this
8:37:This pic looks pretty shameful but in fact the 2 crawls in the group ran and I stay stuned when the bones worked me :(

8:39: Damn, 3
8:40: Damn ghouls!
8:41: Damn ghouls!
8:42: Damn ghouls!!!
8:43: Damn crawl!!! Where the hell did all these stun bastards came from!?!
8:45: Damn, 4
8:46: Damn, 3. screw it, 2 more levels and im coming back.... tommorow, got stuff to do...

July 8
6:18: K, lets get those 3 lvls!
6:19: Uh oh, ogres are running away! lvling up is gonna be alot harder
6:22: Sigh -_-

6:25: Actually I think 1 more lvl will be plenty
6:31: Damn geist's! The only thing I fear on the left side of elfland...
6:33: Damn geists!!!
6:34: Whew! got away from ogres with 1 hp left!!!
6:39: Lvl 20! Hp317, AIL... time to get that crown once and for all!
6:42: Saved at the MC
6:44: 2 out of 3! At least I know I CAN do this now!
6:45: Damn 3
6:46: SUCCESS!!

Now to get out....

Whew got away! forgot to take a pic of me getting away... maybe I should have it on 5, not 8....
6:50:YES!!!!! YES YES!!!! GOT OUT!!!! YAY!!! SAVED!!!! Now I have to deal with ass-toes *Shivers* gonna take a break...

July 9
11:31am: What? I cant take a 17 hour break?
11:33: Ok, I figure out that Astos is unbeatable until I think 26, so I need ... 118472 more exp for lvl 26... more than double my current exp... this is gonna take awile...
11:39: Restocked on potions and tents. saved
11:44: Damn geist!
11:46: Damn geist!!
11:48: There's a reason why I got 99 tents, going back to teh MC
11:49: Damn crawl!
12:00: Damn ghouls!
12:02: Damn ghouls!
12:04: Damn crawl!
12:05: Actually I think I was doing better OUTSIDE!!!
12:11: Lvl 21! Hp343, SA*VL (*I think, it went by too fast, but I know there was 2 before V, so its eather SA, AI, or SI)
12:15: The next 5 lvls are gonna be the hardest in my life...
12:16: Grrr!!

12:21: Damn geist!
12:21: Damn geist!
12:22: Scorpions!?!? I didnt know they were here. They fucking pwned me, but they ran when I had like 18 hp left...
12:23: Damn geist! They always show up at the right time :(
12:26: Have I told you how much I hate geists?
12:28: Have I?
12:32: Damn geist!
12:39: Yay! Lvl 22! Hp347, SAIVL. Saved, and gonna take a break. All these lvls are tiring... Next lvl I need 18.5k exp -_-

6:22: Back
7:06: Lvl 23! Hp352, SAL
7:09: Crap! Werewolves are running!
8:00: Wow, I just noticed something.... the spiders have eyes!... and yes, im still lvling up
8:02: Wow, 1 Fucking hour to get to:
Lvl 24! Hp 378, SAVL

This is gonna be the death of me... need just 2 more lvls...
8:11: Wow I already got 4k exp. im halfway there....
8:37: OH NOES!!! Great Ogres are running!!!
8:57: Lvl 25 but low hp gain, gonna reset
8:58: Low hp gain...
9:00: Low hp gain...
9:01: Low hp gain...
9:01: Low hp gain...
9:02: Screw it, just gonna gonna get all 5:
Lvl 25! Hp383, SAIVL... gonna go after Astos...
9:06: Wow, It was a long fight, did 103 total damage... but died.... let me see how many more damage i needed to do... 168 hp... so around 65 more damage...
9:08: Died, 28 total damage
9:09: Got erased, 11 total damage
9:10: Died, 67 total dmg
9:10: Erased, 0 dmg
9:10: Erased
9:12: Died, 96 total dmg
9:13: Erased, 51 dmg
9:14: Erased, 48 dmg
9:17: Ok, this is it:

K, I have dont 128 total damage so far, so a cricital will kill him, but ANY attack can kill me. this is a 1 in a million chance...
9:19: After 4 turns of failed status spells (Slep hit though). and a fail rub, then...

9:27: Gonna take a break... kinda tired of ff1 right now...

July 10
7:45pm: Back. Next stop, Melmond!
7:47: Got teh herb!
7:49: Got the Key. Thank god, Now to get stuff...
7:53: Tnt.. Coulda used some 6 days ago....
Aw yeah, my trademark sword Im using for the rest of the game... until I get the masmune...
8:00: Made it to melmond.
8:00: Saved at the Earth Cave... Time to hunt us a vampire...
8:02: Damn geists!
8:04:Pfff, first try, killed him with 13 hp left... now to get out....

8:07: Yay got out! saved
8:08: OH SHIT!!! I FORGOT THE RUBY!!!!!! -_-
8:11: K got the ruby, now the pain in the ass job to get out alive.... again -_-
8:15: Woot, got out! saved!
8:16: Bribed the titan....
8:17: Got teh rod!
8:19: Saved at melmond, gonna go to the lake for my hourly training...
8:20: Got to the lake, got my new shield and saved...
The lake is perfect! its like Fight, inn, fight, inn, fight, inn, fight, death, fight, inn, repeat... im making at least 600 exp a trip! sometimes even 1700!
8:33: Lvl 26! Hp388, SAVL
8:46: Lvl 27! Hp417, SVL, gonna take a break...

July 11
9:15: Went golfing lots... back now
9:22: Lvl 28! Hp 423, SAIL
9:35: Lvl 29! Hp 429, SAIL
9:49: Lvl 30! Hp 459, IL
9:52: Saved at the EC
9:56: Made it to the lich... died
10:01: Damn lich!
10:04: Damn geist!
10:07: Woo! Defeated the lich!

10:10: Got the canoe
10:14: Made it to Kary... but I might need the Defence sword for this...
10:15: Died in 2 hits, yeah, I need that Defence sword... tommorow

July 12
4:35pm: Back, next stop, the castle of ordeal
4:36: Made it to shore, saved, 1 step later, stoned by a sadria... i think thats what its called...
4:37: I guess you cant run from zombulls -_-
4:38: Died at nitemares
4:40: Stoned by medusa's
4:43: Woot! killed the zombie dragon! picked up everything, even the tail, now to remember not to talk to whats his face...
4:47: Oh wait, I need airship to get to onrac :(
4:49: Saved at the ice caves
4:51: I have slain teh mighty eye. airship is almost mine. holy crap that rymed!
4:42: Damn undead square
4:54: Damn mages
4:55: Damn undead square... gonna take a break

July 13
2:20pm: Back
2:21: Damn undead square
2:22: Damn undead
2:22: Damn mages
2:23: Killed the eye...
2:24: YES!!! got out!!!
2:28: Bought a ProRing
2:29: Got the bottle
2:29: Got teh oxyale
2:30: Saved at onrac
2:33: Got the opal bracelet and the slab. dont need anything else because I have everything
2:34: Damn waters
2:36: Omg another 2 waters!
2:36: Pwned by ghosts
2:38: Damn waters!
2:38: Damn ghosts!
2:40: Omg, I hate ghosts so much!
2:42: Wootness! got out with the slab and opal bracelet
2:43: Saved at the waterfall...
2:45: Got the treasure from the waterfall...
2:46: Got out!!!
2:47: Thx Dr. Unne

2:50: Got my trademark chime

But if only I could...

2:53: Saved at the tower
2:55: Got Thor's hammer and got out but I noticed I can run from vampires... so I wonder what will happen if I ran from the "Boss" Vampire at the Earth Cave?
2:58: Saved at Onrac, time to do some lvl uping...
3:00: Lvl 31! Hp 465, SAIVL
3:06: Lvl 32! Hp 471, AVL
3:10: Lvl 33! Hp 499, SAVL
3:13: Lvl 34! Hp 506, SAIL
3:18: Lvl 35! Hp 513, AIL
3:23: Lvl 36, Hp 520, SAVL. Gonna take a break
5:41: Back
5:45: Lvl 37! Hp 548, SAIVL
5:50: Lvl 38! Hp 555, AL
5:55: Lvl 39! Hp 562, SAIVL+4 hits!
5:58: Wow I went to Lvl 40 so fast, I almost missed what I got... Hp 569, SAIL
6:02: Lvl 41! Hp 601, AVL
6:08: Lvl 42! Hp 609, SIVL
6:11: Lvl 43! Hp 617, AIVL
6:15: Lvl 44! Hp 625, SL
6:19: Lvl 45! Hp 633, SAIVL
6:22: Lvl 46! Hp 664, SIVL
6:25: Lvl 47! Hp 673, AL
6:28: Lvl 48! Hp 682, SVL
6:32: Lvl 49! Hp 691, SAVIL
6:35: Lvl 50!!! Hp 700, SIL!
Near-Final Stats

Near-Final Weapons

Final Armour

Near-Final Status

6:39: Going to the Volcano
6:49: Back, had to do something...
6:53: Pff, Kary was a breeze

6:56: Wow ruses cant even keep ghost's away
Your probley wondering why I havent picked up the mage staff yet. Well... I dont know, I just dont feel like it...
7:00: Kraken put up a tough fight though....

7:07: 7 Times it took for the Bane Sword to work on Tiamat... Now I have all 4 orbs!!! I have never thougt Ill get this far...
7:10: Saved at the Temple of Fiends. Gonna finish this tonight

9:12: Ok, after a few hours of planning... im ready to go...
9:15: WTF IS HAPPENING?!? The phantoms Rub worked!
9:16: Damn gas dragons!
9:17: Damn gas dragons!
9:18: Woo! Defeated the phantom!
9:22: Defeated the Lich
9:27: Killed Kary with 88 hp left... This place is hell!
9:32: The heal staff is a freaking lifesaver!
9:35: Slain Kraken!
9:36: Made an emergency save state incase I get tired and just want to beat it...
9:38: Got teh sword of L337ness!

9:40: Killed Tiamat! But need an emergency heal,,, better get some weak enemies...
9:43: A few Airs did the trick, at full HP to face Garland teh L337

I have never thought Ill get this far....
9:45: Damn...

One more try...
9:50: ZOMG HAXOR!!!!!

One more try
9:51: Damn gas dragons! gonna try this tommorow...

July 14
1:06pm: Back. Gonna finish this...
1:07: Damn Gas Dragons! Even if I survive I usually have to use 30 heals to get patched up
1:08: Ok, the Phantom stoned me AGAIN! WTF happend to my ribbon?!?
1:09: Damn gas dragons! Kinda sad when the first floor is the hardest
1:11: Omg! I hate Gas Dragons so much!
1:13: Damn Gas Dragons!
1:15: Finally I get past the Phantom
1:17: Wow this is just sad...

Extreamly sad. I was at full health too!
1:19: Damn gas dragons!
1:23: Past phantom...
1:26: Slain Lich, Probley the worst of the 4...
1:28: Bless the heal staff!

1:36: Ack! Kraken got a few lucky cricitals in! Gonna take a shower...

10:13: Back, gonna do this as long as I can tonight...
10:13: I think my ribbon is missing an anti-stone element....
10:14: Damn worms!
10:15: Ok, im really getting tired of this bs stonage by the hacking phantom!
10:16: Damn gas dragons! As soon as I get to the "Basement" im pretty much fine...
10:17: Yay! Killed the Phantom. The trick is to kill him ASAP!
10:26: Killed Lich...
10:30: Failed at Kary :(
10:34: OMFG! Brak works everytime!! WTF?
10:45: Past Lich...
10:53: Damn it! Now I cant get past Kraken! He always gets in a cheap cricital... gonna stop for the night...

July 17
6:09pm: Ok, gonna finish this tonight, ill do this all night if I have to....
6:10: Damn Gas Dragons!
6:11: Past the Phantom
6:19: Killed Kary, forgot to mention when I killed Lich...
6:25: Omg! First strike Kraken did 823 dmg!
6:26: Damn Gas Dragons!
6:27: Damn Gas Dragons!
6:27: Damn gas dragons!
6:28: Past Phantom
9:18: Wow, had to go somewhere... still in the water floor....
9:22: The gayest thing in the world... waters getting first strike
9:23: Damn Gas Dragons
9:24: Damn Gas Dragons!
9:25: Wow mute worked against me... pretty pointless though... killed phantom
9:40: Damn Kraken! Gonna stop for the night... Just dont feel like FF1'ing today...

July 18
6:38: Gonna try this again, 20 seconds later, damn gas dragons
6:39: Past Phantom
6:51: Damn Kraken
6:51: Damn Gas Dragons
6:52: Damn Worms
6:53: Wtf? Glare worked?
6:56: Wtf, Glare woked again!
6:56: Damn Gas Dragons
6:57: Omg now Rub worked!
7:11: Lich Nuke the shit out of me :(
7:12: Damn Gas Dragons
7:18: WTF! Kary's rub is working now?
7:19: Damn gas Dragons
7:20: Now Brak is working now
7:20: Damn worms
7:22: Damn Gas Dragons
7:27: You Kidding me right?

Screw it, gonna try tommorow

July 21
7:14pm: Wow, progress is going slowly. I dont really want to do this, but it has to be done... just gotta get this finished...
7:16: Damn gas dragons!
7:17: And I see the phantom still has his Brak Hax...
7:18: Damn Worms!
7:18: Damn Gas Dragons!
7:18: Damn Gas Dragons!
7:19: Yay! Killed the haxing phantom!
7:23: Slain Lich
7:25: Kary's rub worked! I give up for the day...

July 23
4:04: Damn, It's hot as hell here. its like fucking 32*C outside and 38*C here... I swear to god, every summer gets hotter and hotter... anyways, gonna try again
4:06: Damn gas dragons. I dont have time to recoard stuff like that...
Yet, Brak still works...
Damn worms... well just screw the time
Damn Gas Ds
Gas D's
Gas d's
Zombie D's got a cheap stun in...
Gas D's
Gas D's
Gas D's
Gas D's
4:18: Woo! Killed Lich
4:22: Wow despite 3 ruses, Kary did 6 hits, 746 Dmg! OUCH!

July 27
12:31am: Wow progress is going really slow, I just dont have time for this anymore. I got 30 minutes then going to bed...
12:32: Damn gas ds
12:33: Wow glare worked -_-
12:34: Damn gas ds
12:34: Damn gas ds
12:38: Killed Lich
12:41: Yay Killed Kary!
12:44: Fuck! Kraken is way too strong for me. I need a new plan because when you spend more than a week trying to get to Chaos, you know it isn't working. maybe I can dream up a plan tonight...

1:09pm: Ok, Kraken is too strong to use my weapon against. but by using Thor's, I would have to survive around 28 turns (that is, if I het well...). If I go get the Black Robe I left at the Sky Castle, I can use Ice2 which he isnt strong against. which I can do roughly 45 dmg average a turn. I will be able to kill Kraken in 20 turns. That takes a whole 8 turns off, which means 8 less chances he will do a cricital. Which (asuming he uses Ink and Lit2 as his first strikes. I can only take 3 hits.) Its still gonna be hard, but It will give me a chance... Now off the the sky castle!
1:16: Got the black robes!
K, now I can go back the Tower way, but I would have to get past the Blue Dragon again, or I can press onward but might get slaughtered by WarMech... Ill press onward because its quicker....
I mise as well get the ProCape while im in here. It gives +6 more protection than the buckler
1:22: Got teh procape
1:23: Woo! got out!
1:24: Saved at the Temple of Fiends
1:26: Wow Rubed worked... do I even have a ribbon?
1:27: Damn gas ds
1:29: Close, killed Phantom but got brought down to 28 hp...
1:33: Past Lich....
1:36: Killed Kary!!
1:39: YES!! My Planed worked! And I was doing +60 dmg so it only took 14 turns!!! 91 hp left...
1:43: Thanks to a friendly Rock Golem, i am now at full hp
1:44: Got teh sword of L337ness!
1:44: Pwnt Tiamat!
1:45: At garland with full hp and 17 heals left!

I hope not, I been trying a fucking week and a half trying to get to you!
Thank fucking god its over! It was eather the ProCape or that BlackRobe I used to get past Kraken, or both... or maybe it was Luck. The point is, I win and I win savestateless!!!

Wow, it took me 78 tries to beat the Final Dungeon....
Im not even gonna calculate the total time playing or how many times I died.
Wow less than half of the game I spent playing was trying ot beat the Final Dungeon. This shows you how hard it is with a solo thief.

This is probley my last journal, I dont have plans to do another one.... well maybe a speed run or if TBC host a contest of some sort....