White Mage Journal
Da_Macster's First Final Fantasy (1) Solo Quest (Fighter)
(Sadly it gets cut short (damn crappy NES))
(Ps: time is in pst)

Made Fighter, Theif, White mage, Black Mage party.
10:28: Bought rapier and chain mail for Mac (fighter), knives for everyone else. saved
10:32: First imp battle.
10:36: After that long battle (3.5 minutes), Mac lives with 20 hp, everyone else turns into backpacks (aka: dead :) ) sold crap from "backpacks", bought 4 heals, saved.
10:40: 1st lvl up! lvl 2, SAV HP 61
10:44: Had to use an inn.
10:48: Another lvl up from 3 grImp's (I think Gr means "Great", because their better than regular imps). Lvl 3! SAIVL HP 84, Inn saved.
11:00: Madpony's hurt like hell, had to use the inn
11:05: Lvl 4! SAIVL HP 108. Gonna try to take on Garland T3h N00b!
11:06: Bought 2 tents and 4 more heals, saved.
11:09: NOOO!!!! As soon as I walked in the Temple of Fiends, A Ghoul attacked me (and got first strike) And slowly killing me...
11:11: Damn, It killed me :(
11:14: Got to t3h n00b (garland)
11:15: Such a noob... inn saved
11:21: Made it to Provoka, going to take on the pirates...
11:25: LOL, They were harder to beat than Garland (thus, makes him a bigger n00b :D )
11:27: Bought a short sword, saved.
11:29: Beat 3 kyzoku's for lvl 5! SAV HP 134. im going to sign off.
12:05pm: Back!
12:10: Lvl 6! SAVIL HP 158
12:12: I just noticed something... If the wind stopped, wont the ship be able to sail? does it have like a motor or something?
12:17: :o 5 kyzoku's and a lvl up! lvl 7! SAIL HP 182
12:21: Crap, slowly getting worked by oddeye's/sahag's.....
12:24: Their dead, no worries.
12:28: Fuck! a shark and a red sahag BOTH got a lucky cricital... I'm down to 5....
I LIVE WITH 1 HP LEFT!!!!! got back safe and saved.
12:31: God damn oddeye's and sahag's, I hate them.
12:35: I manage to ran with 19 hp left, saved
12:39: Lvl 8! SAV HP 211
12:43: Went to Elfland for some new armor.
12:49-58: VERY long ass oddeye battle here (2 oddeyes and a sahag)
1:01-04: Again....
1:05-08: And again, wow, a huge waste of 20 minutes from the last 3 battles!
1:14: Lvl 9! (Finally!) SAVL HP 239
1:20: Going to try and take on the Marsh Cave.....
1:24: Tent saved at marsh caves.
1:25-28: Ack! slow death by the ghoulies!
1:29-32:^^^see above^^^
1:33-34: A much faster stun death by bones and crawls.... going to level up some more....
1:49: Raided dwarf caves, im so evil :)
1:56: Bout time. lvl 10! SAIL HP 267
1:57: Bought a silver sword, and saved. going to logg off....
: Back on, I'm thinking on going to Finger Point at level 11...
9:58: lvl 11! (wow, that took long....) SAIV HP 292, bought some tents and heals, saved.
10:02: Somehow I got lost....
10:05: Found Finger Point and saved, but took a step left and got attacked by 2 geist's... had to heal and saved again.
10:07: Got owned by Giants
10:08: And more Giants
10:10: And then Tyro came and PWN3D ME! didn't stand a chance....
10:11: Almost killed 3 zombulls but the 3rd one killed me :(
10:13: Killed my first 2 Giants, saved
10:15: 2 more NY Giants I killed
10:16: Damn Zombulls and Trolls
10:17: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
10:19: Frosted by Frost wolves...
10:20: Frosted like Frosted Flakes..... again
10:21: -_- Damn Zombulls.... yeah, im not ready for Finger Point....
10:23: Went down and killed Ogres. Lvl 12! SAVIL HP 297
10:32: Gotta eat, lol
11:00: Sorry, I got sidetracked alittle...
11:05: Saved in front of Marsh Cave, trying this again.
11:10: Made it to the Wizards, lets hope it goes well..... *dead*
11:16: Made it to the Wizards again... and died again. Man, 4 is too much for me...
11:22: Slowly eaten by crawls :(
11:26: Yay! Made it to the wizards and only got 2, they got owned. got the crown....
11:30-33: NO!!!!!! Grabbed by the Ghoulies, and died :(
11:38: Got to wizzies, killed them, got crown, yeah, yeah, yeah....
11:41:YES!!!!!1 Got out and saved!
11:47: On the way to the northwest castle, lvl 13! SAIL HP 325
11:48: OMFG! The king is Astos! I never knew ;)
11:49: Erased
11:50: Erased
11:51: Erased like this sentence after this
11:51.6: *Phrase* E_A_E_ can you solve the puzzle?
11:52: Nothing new here......
11:54: Lol, this time, he slowed me to uselessness, then erased me, what a bastard
11:56: Yay! he tried to do the same thing again, but his rub didnt worked, and I killed him!
12:00pm-08: Saved, got crystal, got key, saved
12:08-12:25: Raided Elfland, Northwest Castle, and Coneria. and got lvl 14! SAVL HP 353, but when I was raiding the Dwarf Caves (after I open the canel) MY GAME ALMOST CRASHED!!!!! Like for a few seconds, all the sprites and background were changing into numbers/letters/ pieces of other sprites (I saw piece of the vampire (like the monster vampire... at least I think it was a vampire...) on my fighter). this scared me, so I got the hell out of there, saved, and quit....
1:02: Gave my NES a rest, but still scared about what happend....
1:08: Saved at Melmond
1:25: After minutes of fighting, Lvl 15! SAVL HP 394
1:41: Geist did the slow dance and got bored to death
1:47: Saved in front of Earth Cave
1:51: Kicked the Vampires ass! The Ruby is mine!
1:5?-58: Son of a...... died by the undead :'(
2:03: And again....
2:07: And then stoned (but not in the good bad way). im tired, going to log off
: Yay! got my MP3 working, so now I can listen to rap while I play
7:11: Didn't know that images stun, so I attacked and got killed
7:15: Stoned
7:16-22: Very slow Death by the undead
7:27: Killed the vampire and got the ruby
7:39: While trying to get out of the cave, got a lvl up! lvl 16! SAIL HP 388
7:40: Got out! yay! tent saved
7:42: Saved at melmond, took alittle break
7:47: Rubies= Titan drugs :D
7:50: G07 T3h R0D!!!1
7:54: Saved at Melmond, gonna take another break.
8:36: Back
8:38: Tent saved at the Earth Cave, bring it Lich!
8:43: Open the (evil) stone plate
8:48: Got lost, but lvl 17! SAIV HP 418
8:50: OMG STONED! also went to get a map
8:55: Back
9:00: God damn undead!
9:07: Open plate
9:13: At the Lich's ball, healed....
9:14: Fuck! Almost had him until he casted hold.... better level up more.... tommorow, im tired.
Feb, 10
: Turning on my NES and my MP3....
3:07: Went to Cresent Lake, bought some heals and pures, and some new armor, saved
3:09: Lvl 17! (again) SAV HP 419
3:18: Lvl 18! SAVL HP 425
3:28: Lvl 19! SAIL HP455
3:36: Lvl 20! SAV HP 486
3:46: Lvl 21! SVL HP 493. Going to try and take on the Lich again
3:55: Saved at the Earth Cave
4:02: Slow death by undead
4:13: God dame undead
4:17: Open the plate
4:20: Yes! made it to the lich's ball...
4:21: FUCK NO! It did it again!!! but this time it didnt go away.... had to turn it off.... damn so gay!
4:30: DAMN IT! its still doing it.... I could try and fix it, but thats what happend to my past saved game and it got erased.....
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111* I tried fixing it, AND MY SAVED GAME GOT ERASED!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!** *cries* damn, I really wanted to do a finished guide, and I will finish this solo guide, but not on the NES, mine is old, and what happend a few minutes ago, cant play it on again, (I cant have this happen again) so next time, i will buy FFO for the PSX (The GBA is insainly easy, Whats with Nintendo and making their (sometimes, already easy) games easier? They must really suck at games and can't beat it themselves, or something) and do a finished fighter solo quest... I had fun writing this journal, just so sad that the "adventure" was cut short....

Random Facts:
-The theif was named "1ST", the Bm was named "SOLO", and the Wm was named "QUST" so it looked like
SOLO Clever eh?

-I died 33 times (would have died alot more)
-I Am Canadian!
- Was going to put the total time playing, but wasent finished, so you can calculate the (unfinished) total time

* Edited from a much longer "NO!" for word wrapping purposes.
** Also edited for size.