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The White Mage Journal
Peace, love, and... slow, agonizing death!
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This, the oldest part of FFO, is a chronicle of my trip thru the game with a party of 4 White Mages. There are a few things that may seem a little odd on here, such as mentioning when I went to get food. Those are there to be able to figure out about how long it took me to beat it. Hmm, let's add that up: *about 10 minutes of calculations later* 63:14. So it took me about 63 hours. Of course it's not very accurate, the times I died going to Chaos or when I sped the game up to fight Astos are not counted. 63 should be fairly close tho.
BTW: I played using Nesticle, not the best emulator anymore, but it used to be hot stuff.

October 30, 1999

3:18 P.M. starting - Today I start my quest to beat Final Fantasy with 4 white Mages.

A Good Start

3:30 P.M. update - I've decided to run the game at 100 fps, this will make the game more playable and won't be fast enough to screw me up.

Garland Was Easy Enough

So Far So Good

6:10 P.M. quitting - I've decided now to run the game at 120 fps. My guys are at Lv. 8 and have hit points averaging at 142. I'm at the point where you build levels before heading to the Marsh Cave. I think I'm going for at least 10 before I go.

The Slowest Point in the Game

November 3, 1999

7:59 P.M. update - Whoops, forgot to log the start of this session. It was about ten minutes ago, I guess.

8:26 P.M. quitting - Now my guys (girls?) are at level 10. I don't think i can beat the wizards yet.

Still the Slowest Point in the Game

November 17, 1999

7:51 P.M. starting - I think I'll take a crack at those wizards.

November 18, 1999

4:18 P.M. starting - I stopped pretty quick yesterday (about 10-20 min) but I forgot to log off. Well I'll get the wizards today.

4:49 P.M. update - I took about a ten minute food break. The wizards kicked my ass. I'm so used to not needing level 2 spells. I'm heading back to pick up INVS for everyone.

5:33 P.M. update - I took about a 20 minute break to see what a White Mage looked like on FF3j. The wizards kicked my ass again. This has to be the hardest battle in the whole game for this party with the possible exception of Chaos. (Actually Chaos would be somewhat easy with 4 WWs but a real bitch with 4 WMs.)

7:13 P.M. update - I took about a 15 minute break for food. I'm now up to level 15 so hopefully I'll have better luck with the wizzies. I figured out a little trick for NESticle. If you need to buy about 80 heal potions use a controller with turbo and crank the FPS up to 999. You can buy 'em all in less than a minute!

7:55 P.M. quitting - WOW! I kicked wizard ass! It took me two tries and a hell of a battle but I did it. Then as usual I went and stomped Astos' ass before heading back to town. Astos has to be the easiest boss in the game (ok Garland and the pirates come to mind, but he's a hell of a lot easier than the wizards). I had fortunately bought everyone MUTE so the first thing I did was cast that 4 times and one of them worked. Then I INVSed everyone and he couldn't hit AT ALL. I then realized that my hits (that is when I did hit) would only do 1 damage. At that rate the battle would take forever! So I used a variation on my heal potion trick and ripped him a new one lickity split.

Powerhouses of Badassitude

Ooh spells! Damn I just realized I forgot to grab shots of the wizards and Astos! Bosses are way more interesting than spells.

November 30, 1999

7:59 P.M. starting - With all the hard parts over I'm on to the easy portion of the game.

9:30 P.M. quitting - I got all the easy things taken care of. I traded the crystal for the herb, traded that for the key, used the key to get the TNT and opened the canal. Then I headed to Crescent Lake to get everybody a silver hammer. The vampire was easy as you would expect while the wizards you fight on the way were much harder. I took vampy down with one or two shots of HRM3. Then Lich was actually harder than I expected. That isn't to say he was hard, just harder than I expected. He took 5 shots of HRM3 before he went down. No danger to me though. He is such a pussy. My guys (okay they probably are girls but guys is easier) are now at a beefy level 16. Their average HP is 245. Ah, the fun starts now. . .

still Powerhouses of Badassitude

FUCKING SHIT!!! I forgot to grab screens of the bosses again. Here's what kind of spells I have though. Everybody has HRM3 and LIFE.

December 2, 1999

6:46 P.M. starting - Treasure raid!

sorry B-man no class change this game

8:55 P.M. quitting - I grabbed the canoe and sailed my way to the Castle of Ordeals. Although the castle is a bit tough (not really) it's great for getting powerful. It houses the first "free" spells, which is important for this party. Now that I can heal my party and fry enemies for free the game will really pick up especially since I couldn't fry enemies at all before. Then I made my way through the Ice Cave. I happily fried any wizards that got in my way. The Ice Cave is much harder than the Castle of Ordeals. I beat the eye the same way I beat Astos, with a MUTE spell. Then I grabbed the airship and raided the Cardia Islands and the Waterfall. Next time I'll beat the shit out of Kary.

and still Powerhouses of Badassitude

December 3, 1999

9:17 A.M. starting - Time to kill some fiends.

I guess Kary is the last boss MUTE works on.

You can usually kill him before this works.

1:10 P.M. update - I plowed through the volcano but Kary was actually pretty hard. I'm lucky I survived. Kraken, on the other hand, was surprisingly easy. Then I used the handy Bane Sword on Tiamat. His bridge was FILLED with monsters. I was expecting Warmech left and right. Unfortunately I'm only at level 20 and I can't use EXIT to escape from the Temple of Fiends with this party so I have to find somewhere else to build levels.

still Powerhouses of Badassitude

1:48 P.M. continuing - Time to build levels, I'll try eye fighting.

good ol' ProRing

3:21 P.M. update - I got up to level 27. I'll try (and fail) to beat Chaos now.

Even though 27 is the recommended Chaos fightin' level that's not the case for this party.

3:59 P.M. quitting - Well Kraken kicked my ass. That place is TOUGH with this party. Next time I'll get to level 35 or something.

December 4, 1999

6:16 P.M. starting - Eye fighting and level building.

Oooh, items!

7:26 P.M. quitting - I got to level 30 and filled up on items.

December 5, 1999

9:53 A.M. starting - Eye fighting and level building pt. 2 (or 3 depending).

At this level the Temple of Fiends should be kinda' easy but I wonder how hard this will be.

11:22 A.M. update - I'm at level 35 now so it's off to Chaos I go.

11:54 A.M. quitting - Damn! How did I beat Kraken so easy the first time? The 2000 years ago version of Kraken must have his damage boosted a lot. One hit almost always killed me. I guess next time I'll try level 40.

December 7, 1999

2:52 P.M. starting - Eye fighting and level building pt. 3 (or 4 depending).

3:10 P.M. update - This is taking too long. I'm turning it up to 180fps.

3:54 P.M. continuing - back to the eyes

4:04 P.M. update - Horror of horrors! My perfect game is broken. The damn eye stoned the guy without a ribbon. Now he's 1075 exp behind everyone else. Ordinarily I would hit reset because of this (I'm picky) but I want to win as soon as possible.

4:10 P.M. continuing - back to the eyes

4:37 P.M. update - FUCK! It happened again. I figured out what to do though. I'll switch around who doesn't have a ribbon so they'll all get back in sync.

4:47 P.M. continuing - I should've mentioned this a couple of updates ago, at level 38 the game seemed to speed up. I could often beat the eyes in two hits instead of three. Then I got to level 39 right away.

5:14 P.M. update - Okay I got everybody back in sync and I got to level 42. I also set the speed back down to 120fps.

It's very frustrating to have 999999 G with nothing to spend it on and just keep getting more.

5:46 P.M. update - Yay, I beat Kraken!


I hate these SOBs! You can't run and they take forever to beat.

Getting this would be a lot cooler if I had an EXIT spell.

Oh my stars, Garland! What a surprise.




Good old Masmune, it's they only way I could've won.

6:16 P.M. QUITTING - Hell yeah! I kicked Chaos' ass! I was worried when he cast CUR4 but he was easier than Kraken for some reason. He had powerful spells but none of those kill your players in two hits kind of hits. But anyway HELL YEAH!

I'm melting, melting! What a world, what a world! Nobody died, I can't believe it.

Well that's a relief.