White Mage Journal
This is the tale of how one Thief
set out to save the world....

January 30, 2004
Starting the Log. I will be using FCE Ultra (FCEU) and, at some spots along 
the way, a joystick. This will be my first time EVER playing FF 1 with a 
Thief in my party, and I'm going to play with ONLY one. It's odd, because 
until now I never wanted to play them, for I felt they were just.... useless. 
Not as good as a fighter, not as good as a black mage, can't use all the 
equipment, and the only advantage you get is speed and luck, basically, it's 
a character who runs away a lot. Katana will be nice, since (I think) it's 
the best weapon a Thief (actually Ninja) can use before the Masmune, 
however, unfortunately, I won't have any healing capabilities, or EXIT, or 
other luxuries I had when I played as 1 white mage.

Owell, Now to begin. I will move my 1 white mage savestate (the one from my 
previous log, but before I went into the TOF, but after I raided the Marsh 
cave - not mentioned in first log, because I didn't do it until after the 
first log was complete) over to state 8 and 9, just in case I accidentally 
save over one or the other. State 1 and 2 will be used as "safe spots" when 
I remember to do them, and state zero (default) will be used nearly 
constantly, particularly when I have to go into the ice cave, or fight stun 
bast.. er... monsters.

Now I load the emulator and begin:

Created 4 thief party. AAAA, AAAA, AAAA, and Gnor.

Equiped a rapier and wooden armor on Gnor, and each of the 3 AAAA's are 
holding a wooden staff, which is unequipped. I accidentally bought chain 
armor for Gnor, cuz I thought he could use it. Sad is me, as well as not 
holding as much money as I could. Saving.

I realized I still had enough money to buy heal potions, since I don't need 
spells. WOOT. Spent remainder of money on heal potions.

First battle. 3 imps. I will now kill off AAAA, AAAA, and AAAA.

My thumb ALREADY hurts (see 1 white mage log). Switching to joystick.
Gnor is currently worse off than 2 of the UNEQUIPPED AAAA's standing in 
front of him... do these imps... know?

Success. Gnor lives with 6 hp. AAAA's die.

Level 2

Imps... they're KINDA hard. Not as bad as with the white mage. But I can't 
ruse here either, so I dunno.

Level 3. I've been staying out 2 and 3 imp battles, and not suffered TOO 
bad for it. I think I used the inn twice, maybe 3 times. I can do damage, 
but so can they.

MANY imp battles, and 1 madpony later, Level 4. It's not surprising to me 
that imps still hurt so bad. It's nice to have 105 HP, at only level 4, 
which I do not think I had with the WM log. HOWEVER, I do have tons of 
gold, which IS very nice. I know why thieves are called that now, hehehe. 
Actually, it's just that I can stay out for sometimes 5 imp battles, with 
occational wolf(ves) and madpony. The BEGINNING won't be so bad for this 
guy at least. However, I'll probably have infinite trouble with the wizards 
in marsh cave. I won't have ruse this time.

Against my better judgement, I went for the cap in the TOF. I lived, 
thankfully, and it only took 1 try, and 3 loaded savestate deaths from a 
single stun turd in the tof. I think it was a ghoul.

Although, the cap doesn't help me anywhere near as much as it did the white 
mage. The white mage went from 1 to 2 def, I went from 4 to 5.

Level 5. I probably could have taken garland at level 4, but I decided to 
err on the side of caution. I don't have ruse this time. Anyway, 131 hp, 
I've been fighting the creeps and skeletons outside the TOF. They're hard, 
but I don't die. Time to face him.

It cost me five heal potions, but I got him. It was slow going up in hp, as 
I'm healing and he's beating on me, lol.
I bought myself from 3 to 12 healing potions. I'm heading to Pravoka.

And so [his] journey begins.

ARGH. Two creeps are the suckingest. I savestated after the bridge though, 

Pravoka. I made it without further incident. I ran from the two creeps and 
then from an iguana, but the imp, grimp, and wolf felt the pain.

I'm gonna try the pirates right away. Let's hope if a white mage can do it, 
so can a thief.

I should probably have saved that potion money for a sword. I can't kill 
nine enemies fast enough, and heal potions are useless inside battle, as 
they take a whole turn to use, which they just beat the tar out of me again. 
 Let's try for equipment first. I'm gonna go fight stuff for money.

After a gristly wave of pain and many, many deaths, with no hope of being 
able to afford the inn, I retreated back to coneria. I feel so dirty. 

133 HP
475 Gold
Going to Pravoka for equipment.

*sigh* Gloves and a Scimitar later, I'm no better off.

After being renamed by many as "the scourge of the imps" I tried the Pirates 
again and won, but only after I used every single heal potion I had. Owell, 
now I can get some real equipment. I have about 900 g.

Elfland. I bought a saber. The copper bracelet will be next, but.... It's 
hardly worth it. I will have the same def, just minorly higher evade. I 
don't think a thief can get out of this area of the game alone.

One battle on the sea, with 4 Kyzoku's, 1 accidental savestate, and MANY 
MANY loads, I managed to defeat them and gain a level. Level 7, 161 hp

Level 8
This sucks. My white mage is more powerful than this guy. I admit he can 
stay out a lot longer when he's fighting weaker monsters, but he can't kill 
stronger monsters at all. I can't fight more than one sea monster, unless 
it's kyzoku's, and then I can take two, and if I'm REALLY lucky, 3. Zombies 
in the TOF don't stun apparently. That was cool.

I took about a fifteen minute break to go read stuff at Final Fantasy 
Origins. I seem to be screwed no matter what I do. *Waah* I shall now go 
out to sea some more and get my ass handed to me a few hundred times.

OK, score: Thief:20 or so - Monsters 200 or so.
Level 9
188 HP
I was trying to keep a correct accounting of the battles, but it didn't 
work. I did not use savestates for any of these battles, I left coneria, 
fought, died, continue, leave, fight, die, continue.......fight, live, inn/save, 
leave, fight die, continue, fight, die, etc. It was faster that way, 
because I didn't have to move my hands, I could just lay on the turbo button 
and fight monsters.
2537 Gold.

Other than a sabre... I have EXACTLY the same equipment a White mage would 
have at this same spot. Terrible, just terrible. And no spells. If I were 
playing a BLACK BELT, I'd be better off. Thief is TRULY the hardest solo 

Y'know what the STUPIDEST THING IN THE WORLD IS? A battle against ONE 
ODDEYE. It appears, stuns my thief, and now it's in this infinite loop of 
stun. No damage, no recovery, no nothing. My character is going to die 
from old age or starvation, because the Oddeye won't attack. When you fight 
ONE Oddeye, it will sometimes attack. This one did attack but only once. 
Now it's in it's oddeye stun loop. And I can't recover. I'm watching my 
character slowly.... Do nothing as I write this. I mean.... That's so stupid. 
Wouldn't the oddeye get bored eventually, or maybe die of starvation 
ITSELF?!? I mean, ME, I'm just laying there. IT's ACTIVELY stunning me 
over and over and over again, with no rest. You'd think it'd have to sleep 
or something, so it could rejuvenate it's mystic eye stun powers. Not that 
"I'm gonna GAZE at you, POOF you're stunned." I know it works with horny 
teenagers, but really, a thief and a giant tentacley thing with two huge 
freaky ass eyes. I'm pretty sure it's not THAT kind of stun. So, I can't 
go back to my last continue, because.... I can't die. I can't load my last 
savestate, because it's WAY WAY WAY back. So, I have to.... HOPE some freak 
accident occurs and the thing lets me up. Which after the last THOUSAND or 
two turns hasn't happened. Y'see, it's so bad in fact, that I cannot even 
CHOOSE to do anything before I'm stunned again. The geist/ghoul type stun 
bastards SOMETIMES give you that option, and there's usually SIX or so of 
them. I'm fighting ONE oddeye. It started out as ONE oddeye.


Fine. I'll hit the reset button, but this is just the worst.

Well, thankfully, FCEU is a good emulator. My savegame existed, so I 
started from right before the battle. I'm gonna make a run for the marsh 
Before I went, I bought up to 45 heal potions and 14 pure potions.

I used my cabin at the entrance, as well as saved using savestate. I have 
full hp, and I'm going in.
I'll be running from all the monsters. And using the keyboard, not the 

North room, looting stuff. I used one pure and one heal so far.

I've used more potions, I'm down to 36. Back at the entrance, going down. 
I'll just be looking for loot, I don't remember if there's anything useful 
for a thief down here, but I hope so (maybe a falchon)

Marsh Cave - Room 4
One more pure, one more heal. I will now go into the 4th room and start 
looting the top half.

Made it in. Made it out. Got nothing to help me. What a pain. Owell, 
only the crown is left, so next time will be faster. Used 17 heal potions 
and 7 pure potions.

I'm SO BORED. I'm logging off.

Morning of Jan. 31, 2004
Logging in.
Going back to coneria to fight sea monsters and gain levels
Died on everything accept the kyzoku's. Level 10 - 191 hp.

Level 11 - 216 hp
Level 12 - 219 hp TOTAL bullshit

Bought myself up to 99 heal potions, and 51 pure potions.

Going for the wizards.

Entrance 95 heal potions.

Wizards are 1 step away. 88 heal potions left.

My only hope is to just start strong and slaughter them afap. Let's hope.
Shit no. They slaughtered me I was American beef. I won't be taking them 
ANY time soon.
Back to Coneria and leveling I go.

Level 13 - 243 hp
I know, I won't be focusing on HP after I get a proring and a ribbon, but 
right now, that's the very essence of the game. There's absolutely nothing 
accept hp, since I'm not able to get any more equipment until AFTER I get 
the mystic key. I got to fight hard ass wizards, and then survive a few 
hundred rubs from astos. Argh.
Although, on a good note, the sea monsters are WAY easier on level 12. I 
didn't die unless there were too many red sahag's, or oddeyes (I 

I'm gonna stay on the water for a while more, and eventually skip over to 
the finger peninsula. I've gone there twice so far, and couldn't accomplish 

When you're not dieing 3 out of 4 battles, you gain exp faster. Sweet. 
Who'd have guessed?!?
Level 14 - 246 hp (oh fuggin sonofa ....)

I'm gonna make a finger point attempt. Very nice, imps and wolves do not 
have the courage to stand up to Mr. Piddley boy. Nope. Just no way in hell 
I can do it without any spells or armor. Nowadays, my attack power isn't 
even all that bad. But I just take so much damage.

I think I've seen the source of my attack power and sudden wave of success 
on the water. Extra attacks. I can now stay out for as many as 3 sea 
battles without an inn, if I'm SUPER lucky. Also, the ONLY thing that can 
kill me when I'm strong is stun. Not sharks, nor red sahag's. Sweet. Hate 

Normally I don't mention mundane battles. This battle started mundane. Six 
regular sahag's. I cruise through, attacking and holding the turbo button. 
I droped down to about fifty hp just after I killed the FIRST of six. I 
then proceed to get hit like ten more times, for tiny amounts of damage. 
When I saw the fifty, I was like, ok, I'll load this one, no sweat. WRONG. 
I killed ALL FIVE of them, and won the battle with ONE HP EXACTLY! They 
managed to do 200 damage in 2 turns, but they could not do more than 49 in 
about 15 turns, immediately after. Sad, man, very sad.

Level 15 - 271 hp
I performed an interesting test. The scimitar almost ALWAYS gets two hits, 
where the saber gets two hits OFTEN, but not more than 75% (it's hard to 
tell though when it's moving so fast). But, just by the general feel of my 
hit points and such, while I was fighting (all on level 14) with one or the 
other, I think I was doing more damage with the weaker, but higher hit % of 
the scimitar.

Well, Level 15, finally. I thought I'd never make it. I'm gonna try the 
wizards again. The 4 white mage party did it at level 15, and I did it with 
my solo white mage at level 12, so let's hope!

It appears I didn't save it at the inn when I bought my last set of potions, 
so I rebought them this time, only I have 99 of each heal potions, and pure 
potions. And about 12k gold left over.

Wizzy's one step away, and 81 heal potions. They won't help in the battle, 
so I just fought stuff on my way in.

OH HELL YEA!!!!! ONLY TWO WIZARDS. Every single other time I can ever 
remember fighting wizards there, there were FOUR. This shouldn't be so bad.

Well, I admit I had to SERIOUSLY use savestates to my advantage, but I got 
through them. It was pretty brutal. If you were playing on a cartridge, 
you'd have to be at LEAST level 18 to fight these guys without ruse. If you 
are a red mage or white mage, I think you could do it on the cartridge at 
level 15, but it'd take a few tries, cuz you gotta get INTO the cave that 

Going back to elfland.

WOW, I was even RUNNING from the monsters, on the way out, but they must 
have known I'd not be back, because they pitched a last ditch effort that 
cost me TWENTY EIGHT heal potions on the way out (including healing up after 
wizzies). Painful.
That puts me at 53.

Stupid me. I went back to elfland, to use the stupid inn. Then I walk to 
the NW castle, and use a bunch of potions, cuz I am not at full health. 
When will I learn? :P

Well, Astos will be nearly unbeatable. I can only do 1 hp damage to him. I 
can do 2 with the scimitar, but that's not enough. It's like... I'm SO DAMN 
stuff, just so ever slightly out of my reach. I should go to the sleeping 
elf, PICKPOCKET him, cuz DAMMIT, I'm A THIEF!!!!!! What the HELL kind of 
thief doesn't steal stuff or pick locks? A STUPID ONE WITH NO DEFENSE AND 

Anyway, he killed me maybe..... fifty times. I love turbo speed, but it makes 
you MISS the fact you're only doing one damage per hit for about 10 minutes. 
 Then of course you stare at it for another ten in disbelief! LOL

Logging off. I'm going to sleep and play tomorrow when I wake up. 
Hopefully with another 2 or 3 levels I can take on Finter Point, and I'll be 
able to get another 5-8 levels, and maybe do some actual damage to astos.

Afternoon of Jan. 31, 2004
Logging in, I shall be leveling my thief.

Level 16 - 275 hp

Got some more exp, but I gotta go do something. Logging off.

Morningish, February 1, 2004
Logging in.

I hate stun. All the sahag's ran away and one oddeye stuck around stunning 
me. Had to reset.

Level 17 - 279 hp

Let's try finger point again.
Arrggh. No luck.

Let's try Astos.

I tried killing him about fifteen times with no luck. Then, I used 
savestates to my advantage, and just kept making sure I did a critical every 
round. I got hit quite a few times, but I did a critical every round, and 
got a steady 30 damage in, instead of ONE. So I killed him. If it weren't 
for savestates, it wouldn't be possible. I had to get like 8 criticals in a 
row. SO, I don't know if a Thief is TRULY possible or not.

Falchon in the NW castle is a welcome sight.
But the Rune sword in TOF is better!
But finally, the Dragon sword in the Dwarf cave is just a little bit better.
Silver Bracelet in Melmond's Shop is nice.
And finally, a Buckler in Crescent Lake is cool too.

Ok, going for the earth cave. I gotta hope I can just get the vampire and 
get out.

There's a chest spot on the 2nd floor down where the earth elementals force 
you to fight to get the chests. I can't even kill one, so I have to flee, 
and keep heading down. Thank goodness for savestates.

Found the coral sword, it's equal to the dragon sword I have.

Wizards did a number on me on the third floor, took a lot of heal potions. 
Thankfully I'm stronger than a white mage, but I still have no spells.

3 more wizzies. Hard. Had to use savestates to beat them.
3 more, 2 steps after I wrote this. What shit.

Crappy. The first time I fought the vampire, I killed him, all out, no 
sweat. Then I died, and had to load a savestate from before I fought him, 
and DAMN IT ALL if I couldn't do it again. So finally I just used 
savestates to kill him. This dungeon requires a lot more levels to do 

February 2, 2004
I got sidetracked immediately after I found the ruby, and saved. By 
immediately, I mean, I'm still standing here staring at the box over a day 
later. Many things happened at once that all needed my attention, and I was 
unable to return until now. Unfortunately this means I now do not have any 
real idea how long I played after I last mentioned the time. Considering 
the dungeon, and how fast I was moving, I'll say twenty five minutes, and 
call it good.

Logging in. Gonna escape the Earth cave, get the rod, and come back after I 
fill up on potions again.

Coneria item shop. Bought a myrad of potions, I'm going to go to crescent 
lake for some levels. With how I BARELY managed the vampire, and couldn't 
manage earth elementals at all, I know I need to level. So.... Bleh.

Killed my first troll. It was surprisingly easy. I still had to visit the 
inn, but I feel I may not necessarily be doomed.

Only 1 more pede, and I get level 18 - 306 HP

Well, this is kinda annoying, but not nearly as annoying as the sea was. I 
can take on a troll, a giant, or a pede, but only one of them. Two waste 
me. I can take on cobras, but if there's eve ONE scorpion, it poisons me, 
and does a TON of damage for some reason. I can kill the scorpion, but the 
poison takes its toll and usually kills me before I can finish the cobras. 
Cobras alone are easy, cuz they all run away.

I took on 3 pedes. In all fairness, 2 of them ran away.

Yes, your major enemy with a thief is definitely groups. Small monsters and 
big monsters alike, if there's a group, they have you. The reason is due to 
the fact that it takes at least 2 turns to kill each monster, so a pack of 9 
cobras amounts to EIGHTEEN rounds. That's 18 rounds of pwnage the computers 
can pound you with, with no defenses to guard your frail thief body.

Ok, a large number of battles, and a much larger number of deaths, I'm level 
19. 310hp. Bah, hate lousy hp gains.

Level 20 - 314 hp
Level 21 - 340 hp

I'm just too tired. G'night.

February 3, 2004

Alright, no excruciating pain in my shoulder due to a very nice back 
adjustment, and 16 hours of sleep. I'm gonna beat this thing by tonight or 
die trying. Well, I suppose I'm gonna die trying MANY MANY times, hehehe.

Still leveling at Crescent. I have an unusual set of battles to describe. 
I started from the inn save/continue after being killed by 3 pedes. I 
fought 2 cobras and 2 scorpions. Two rounds later, I was poisoned, and they 
all fled. 1 exp. So I was like oh hell. So, I figured I'd just get myself 
killed and start from the inn save again. So, I fought 2 giants. A sure 
combination for death, not at max hp, poisoned, and the battle is too tough 
for a piddley thief with pipsqueek equipment, barely more than a white mage, 
and a dragon sword, which is significantly awesome compared to a silver 
hammer. Anyway. I won. L33t is me.

Level 22 - 344 hp
79,151 gold

I'm gonna try to kill the lich now. I will try not to do it with 
savestates, but I doubt it can be done until a much higher level.

4 Wizards in the earth cave give more exp than almost every monster 
combination I fought (and lived) at crescent lake) they also cost 10 heal 
potions though. Ouch.

Well, many other costly battles later (trolls, bulls, coctrice's, wizards, 
and giants come to mind) I am standing in front of the orb of the Earth 
fiend. I shall now dispense with this evil fiend, and remove his existence 
from this wreched world he has created. G'BYE LICH!


Ok, I tried it about 10 times through without using savestates every round, 
but I think I will resort to that now.

GAH, what a choice. It appears the lich's criticals are linked to my 
criticals. So, I can take 120 damage, and deal 50 damage, or I can take 60 
damage and deal 2 damage. What a choice. I think I'm gonna die and go back 
to crescent for more levels.

Nevermind. I found something better. Earth Elementals. They are worth 
1500 exp. And, while HARD, they also usually come in a battle of only 1 to 
fight, if you fight them on the first floor. So, you take one step off the 
Earth elemental square, and back on, fight, kill, use 10 heal potions, 
repeat. It's expensive, but when you have as much as I do, you don't care.

Level 23 - 348 exp
Level 24 - 374 hp

I'm gonna gain another level from these Earth elementals. I gotta go back 
for potion for now though. Thank GOD for a high hp level up.

I opted for Crescent lake to level up this time. The Earth elementals are 
better, but they're so far from an inn, forcing me to use heal potions, 
which takes a long time to buy back, especially since I have to go all the 
way back to Coneria. However, I'm doing a lot better. I don't die at all 
any more, I'm doing 3 hits, instead of just 2 and I am dealing the pain. J

Level 25 - 378 hp

The only discouraging thing is: I for the white mage log, when I was level 
25, I was leveling on the canoe water, so I could live through the Ice cave, 
AFTER the castle of ordeals. Here I am with a thief still waiting to finish 
the second half of the Earth cave. Woe is me.

Level 26 382 hp
120991 gold

One more level here in Crescent, and I'm gonna finish the Earth cave. I'll 
get a strong level up on level 27, so I'm good when I get that. I'll have 
over 400 hp, and I'll be a kick arse thief.

Level 27 - 407 hp

Earth cave time.
I'm at the Earth orb. No witty banter this time, just a dead lich, 

I had to resort to savestates, but he's dead. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHH. One 
more level and I might have been able to beat him normally.

Castle of Ordeals Interesting Loot
Zeus Gauntlet
Gold Bracelet

The heal staff isn't useful until I get the Defense from the waterfall, 
because healing 20 hp in combat is useless when they're dealing 80 to you.

I can taste that class advancement like I can taste chocolate chocolate 
fudge brownie chip with mint ice cream with strawberries and cherries for 
toppings, all of it in a freezer guarded by machine guns. I just gotta go 
get it and damn the consequences. Only, instead of ice cream, it's a 
floater. And instead of machine guns it's an eye, sorcerers, wizards, 
mages, stun bastards, frost dragons, and a myriad of other nasties.

But first I gotta buy a TON of heal potions, as I'm down to 15 after the 
castle of ordeals.

First battle in the ice cave. SEVEN F___ING WIZARDS. *whimper*

Well, thanks to the Zeus gauntlet, I lived and with no serious consequences.

Alright, it took some doing, but I got to the hole in the ice cave where you 
drop down and fight the eye. I'm making a save here, so I may come back and 
escape with a small portion of the loot. Here I go.

YAY, got the floater, and the eye didn't do ANY damage to me. SWEET.
Oh, and level 28 - 412 hp.

I fought about ten more eyes, but I got bored and scared of it's stone 
attack, which I can't defend against. I counted myself lucky I made it and 
left. Used like 3 savestate loads.

2 trolls just outside the desert where the airship lay, give me level 29 - 
417 hp.

Ok, I got the bottle, I got the class change, I got 99 cabins in Gaia, I got 
the waterfall and all it's goodieis, and here's my equipment:

E-Defense	E-Zeus gauntlet
Heal staff	E-Ribbon
Wizard staff	E-Gold Bracelet
		E-Ice Shield

Yes, some of you are saying "what about a pro-ring" and I say. Meh. I got 
a ribbon. Next, I'm gonna go to the ocean shrine/palace/whatever.

Wow, I've been without spells for so long I almost forgot to buy them
All but the level 4 spells were self explanatory, due to bugs in the game, 
here's what I bought:
Fire	Lit	Slep
Ice	Dark	Slow
Fir2	Lit2	Hold
Ice2	Fast	Slp2

Although... I just noticed something.... I don't have any spell points. None. 
Zero. WTF? Well, so much for buying spells. I knew I hated thiefs, but 
DAAAMN. Water Palace.

Ok, all the upper floor stuff raided and sold. Wootage. Found the Opal 
Bracelet, the best armor for me, the light axe (hrm2), the mage staff 
(fir2), and I sold everything else.

Level 30 - 447 hp

I was thinking it would give me my spells after I leveled up. I was wrong. 
SO, not only do thieves suck ass SOOOOOO much, but after the class change, 
you can BUY spells, but you can't USE them. FUCKING HELL!
At least you get to use some better equipment. MAAAAN. I don't think I'm 
gonna play FF1 ever again. I am beginning to hate it.

I beat the Fire fiend. I didn't grab anything, and in all reality, I'm 
gonna skip EVERYTHING from here on out, accept the Katana and the masmune, 
as nothing else will help me.

DOH. And many other swear words, I forgot to get the cube while I was in 
the waterfall.

Level 31 - 452 hp

Ok, I'm in the ice cave fighting eyes. They do 1 dmg with basic attack, and 
I'm immune to it's other attacks.

Level 32 - 457 HP

Now they're a 1 hit kill too.

Level 33 - 485 hp
Level 34 - 490 hp
Level 35 - 496 hp
Level 36 - 502 hp
Level 37 - 533 hp

Oops, I took a step too far, and fell down again. I'll be back fighting 
more eyes here in a moment.
Red bones Level 38 - 539 hp

Level 39 - 545 hp
Level 40 - 551 hp
Level 41 - 582 hp
Level 42 - 588 hp
Level 43 - 595 hp

Dammit, fell down again
Wraiths Level 44 - 602 Hp

Level 45 - 609 hp
Level 46 - 640 hp
Level 47 - 647 hp
Level 48 - 654 hp
Level 49 - 661 hp
Level 50 - 668 hp

And that's the end of that.

Final Stats:
Str	40	Damage		50
Agl	46	Hit%		138
Int	28	Absorb		53
Luck	64

I'll get the Katana, and eventually the masmune, but these are basically the 
final stats, as I'm at max level.
Oh, and 999999 gold.

Kraken is dead.
I didn't get the bane, nor do I care, I just slaughtered it.

Finally got my katana.

WHOA. I just checked my spells. I got 4 of each level (that I can use). 
What suckage.

Slaughtered Tiamat.

Gonna save and finish this.


99 heal potions isn't enough. With the white mage, I had cur4 and cur3. I 
got ONLY heal potions now. And you can't run from the elementals. So, I 
don't think it can be done, because I DEFINITELY have the best equipment. 
I'm max level. I got almost all of the magic casting equipment, and all of 
the equipment that would be useful. I'll try again later tonight, but I'm 
gonna go rest my eyes.

Logging off.

Logging in.

I have decided I must exhaust the only other method of healing available to 
me. Heal Helmet. I sold the heal staff, so that's out. Therefore, I must 
rely on the heal helmet to get me through. This will suck, and it will take 
hours, maybe days to accomplish. But I will begin my attempt now.

Got the helmet (first floor mirage tower)
Now into the TOF.

Because I cannot sacrifice the status defenses of my ribbon, I must 
sacrifice the Ice shield. Let's hope that's enough.

Well, it's working. I'm in front of the lich, and I am only down 4 hp, and 
I've got all my heal potions. Last time I was down by like 40 by this time. 
 So, this just might work.


I just realized the savegame I have doesn't have full heal potions. I'm 
relying TOTALLY on the heal helmet now. I have 34 when I entered, and I can 
either die, or keep going. SO, if I die, I'll go fill up. Thankfully, it's 
been mercifully easy to keep my hp up with the defense and heal helm in 

I went for the masmune. It rules accept I'll never be able to leave the 
temple, so it's like WOO HOO, 2 battles with a masmune, woo hoo!


Standing in front of Chaos. I used heal potions for the first time in the 
TOF, and now I'm at max health. Here's the play by play:

Gnor uses Defense. Chaos casts "Ice3" - 47 damage.
Gnor uses Defense. Chaos casts "Lit3" - 46 damage (I think).
Gnor uses Defense. Chaos casts "slo2" - Gnor lost intelligence.
Gnor attacks - 142 damage critical. Chaos casts "crack" - ineffective.
Gnor attacks - 176 damage critical. Chaos casts "cur4" F___ING HELL
Gnor attacks - 46 damage. Chaos attacks - misses.
Gnor attacks - 164 damage critical. Chaos casts "crack" - ineffective.
Chaos attacks Gnor - misses. Gnor attacks - 194 damage (I think) critical.
Chaos casts "fir3" 47 damage. Gnor attacks - 168 damage critical.
Chaos casts 'ice3' 36 damage. Gnor attacks - 26 damage.
Gnor attacks - miss. Chaos attacks - miss.
Gnor attacks - 1 damage. Chaos misses.
Chaos casts "fast" - Gnor attacks 1 damage.
Gnor casts "fast" - chaos casts "fast"		(WTF, didn't he just do that?)
Gnor attacks 3 hits - 292 damage critical. Chaos casts nuke - something 
like 300 damage. It sucked.
Gnor attacks 3 hits - 184 damage critical. Chaos attacks - misses.
Gnor attacks 5 hits - 270 damage critical. Chaos attacks - misses.
Gnor attacks 3 hits - 292 damage critical. Chaos casts Ice3 - 63 damage.
Chaos casts ice3 - 58 damage. Gnor attacks, - 3 hits -180 damage critical. 
(this line didn't get remembered perfectly, I think I jumbled two of the 
numbers in my head before I got it written.)
Gnor attacks 5 hits - 124 damage. Chaos misses.
Gnor attacks 5 hits - 151 damage critical. Chaos misses.
Gnor attacks 5 hits - 143 damage critical. Chaos misses.
Chaos misses Gnor. Gnor attacks ? hits 140 something damage, Chaos dies.

I had to load a few savestates here. I never died, but he'd nuke me down to 
like 2 hp and I'd be like SHIT, it's only the 4th round! Right there at the 
end he was trying to cast cur4, and I knew that would be the end of me if he 
managed it.

SOOO, in all fairness, without savestates, FF1 is impossible with a solo 
thief/ninja. With savestates, it's definitely harder than a white mage, but 
very hard. Oh wait, I mean impossibly hard. I mean, crap, it's really 
quite hard. DAMNIT. It's POSSIBLY the hardest thing I've ever done. Uh, 
er, it's slightly on the close side of almost possible. Whatever, I did it, 
I savestated a lot, and that's the end. G'night.
8:08pm (minus the half hour spent watching The 70's Show and eating dinner)