Translation Guide


I imagine with FFO & DoS out this guide might be less useful. I hope someone can still find use for it though.

When you start the game up for the first time, the only option will be to start a new game.

After you've saved, the option to load a game will open up.

If you utilize the quick save function, the option to resume your game will appear. This option will go away once you use it.

This screen will let you choose names and classes. Push start when you're done.

This screen is pretty self explanatory.

This word, "hai", means yes. This one, "iie", means no.

The menu (top right) has the following: Item, Magic, Equipment, Status, Order, Quick Save, and Config. Under that, is the name of your current location. Below that, is how much Gil (money) you have, then the amount of time passed, then the number of steps taken, and the 4 crystals show which you've lighted.

The three options on the Item screen are Use, Sort, and Important.

The two options on the Magic screen are Use and Forget. Forgetting a spell frees up a slot for something else.

The three options on the Item screen are Equip, Best (which equips the best stuff), and Remove.

There's so much going on on this Status screen I'll just let the picture explain.

Saving like this will end the game. You can pick back up by selecting Resume. That will erase this save.

The options here on the Configuration screen are Mode Change (which lets you choose between Original and Extra modes), Cursor Position Memory, Message Speed, Window Color, and Y Button Setup (which lets you assign functions to the 4 Y buttons).

Selecting Original Mode will turn all the other options off, choosing Extra Mode will turn them all on. Auto Target will redirect your attacks if an enemy dies, B Button Dash allows you to run thru towns and dungeons by holding B, Battle Aid allows you to use Soft & Life in battle, and Battle Key Help will give explanations of spells, items, etc in battle.

The first option here, Initial will put the cursor in the default position, Memory will remember the last thing you selected.

That's odd. The lower numbers are Fast, and the higher numbers are Slow.

This screen is perfectly self explanatory, except that the X2 and X4 buttons are on the opposite sides of the screen than what would make sense.

This screen allows you to assign the 4 Y buttons to shortcuts to the Item, Magic, Equipment, Status, Order, Break, Config, and Menu screens.

In battle you can Fight, use Magic, use an Item (which takes the place of both Drink and Item from the NES version), change Equipment, and Run.