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Welcome to the biggest part of this place: the Walkthru. This thing features screenshots of every bit of spoken dialog in the game.

There's also a Text Walkthru. And here's a poorly made, confusing Walkthru Map. Be sure to check out the rest of the Maps while you're at it, they'll be very useful.

Anywho, I owe a lot of my knowledge about the game to the extremely typo-ridden strategy guide by Nintendo. I still have my guide that I got by subscription oh so long ago. I love that thing, it's a sort of "cyborg" magazine, consisting more of tape and staples than of magazine. Fortunately I do have a few other copies I found at garage sales and/or flea markets over the years that are in better shape.

The walkthru is divided into the same 7 chapters as Nintendo's book, but I've rearranged a few minor events to fit the story better. Throughout I provide two paths thru the game: the standard, recommended, story-driven way; and the way I would usually go (which can be easier, but makes less sense). I also have a few other options of where to go here and there throughout. Everything is crosslinked back and forth with each other in a feeble attempt to make it easy to get where you need to be. I recommend you follow the standard path the first time thru. It's not easier or anything, but if you're looking to follow the story (or play the game "right") that's the way to go.

(The "My Way" is a little out of date I think. In other words, it's not necessarily the way I go anymore. Look thru it to give you ideas to make the best choice of where to go. Meh.)

Getting Started
Choosing a Party

Chapter I
- The Beginning
- Coneria Castle
- Coneria Town
- Coneria Area
- Temple of Fiends
- Coneria Castle v2
- Coneria Town v2
- The King's Bridge
- Pravoka Area
- Matoya's Cave
- Pravoka

Chapter II
- Aldi Sea
- ElfLand Area
- Castle of Elf
- ElfLand
- Dwarf Cave Area
- Dwarf Cave
- Marsh Cave Area
- Northwest Castle
- Marsh Cave
- Northwest Castle v2
- Matoya's Cave v2
- Castle of Elf v2
- Coneria Castle v3
- Dwarf Cave v2

Chapter III
- The Sea
- Melmond Area
- Melmond
- Titan's Tunnel
- Earth Cave
- Titan's Tunnel v2
- Sarda's Cave
- Melmond v2
- Earth Cave v2
- Melmond v3

Chapter IV
- Crescent Lake Area
- Crescent Lake
- Gurgu Volcano / Ryukahn Desert Area
- Gurgu Volcano
- Crescent Lake v2
- Ice Cave Area
- Ice Cave
- ElfLand v4
- Ryukahn Desert

Chapter V
- The Sky
- Onrac Area
- Onrac
- Cardia Islands
- Cardia Islands Caves
- Gaia
- Lefein Area
- Lefein
- Castle of Ordeal Area
- Castle of Ordeal
- Cardia Islands Caves v2

Chapter VI
- Caravan
- Gaia v2
- Onrac v2
- Sea Shrine
- Onrac v3
- Sea Shrine v2
- Waterfall
- Melmond v4

Chapter VII
- Lefein v2
- Yahnikurm Desert
- Mirage Tower
- Sky Castle
- Dwarf Cave v3
- Crescent Lake v3
- Temple of Fiends v4
- Temple of Fiends: 2000 Years in the Past
- The End