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Player Stats:
(I'm not really sure what some of these do, so they might be wrong.)
LEVLevelThis is what level you're on. As your levels go up, so do your stats.
EXP. POINTSExperience EPThis is your current # of experience points.
FOR LEV UPUntil Next LevelThis is how many experience points you need to reach the next level.
STR.Power/StrengthThis effects your damage rating.
AGL.Speed/AgilityThis effects your evade rate.
INT.IntelligenceThis doesn't seem to do anything.
VIT.Physical StrengthThis effects how much HP is gained at level up.
LUCKLuckEffects the ability to run. Doesn't work right on NES version.
DAMAGEWeaponThis effects how much damage you deal.
HIT %Hit RateAccuracy, and it effects how many hits you do.
ABSORBArmorThis is your defense against physical attacks.
EVADE %Evade RateThis effects how well you avoid physical attacks.
Magic DefenseThis is your defense against magic-based attacks. It's not shown in the game.
(The % in Hit% and Evade% is misleading. These scores are not percents. They are out of 255, not 100.)

Enemy Stats:
(Since none of these stats are shown in the game, there are no official names for them. I'm also not sure if all of these are correct.)
ExperienceAmount of experience gained by winning
GoldAmount of gold gained by winning
Hit PointsEnemy's Max HP
AgilityAbility to avoid hits?
DefensePhysical Defense
Magic DefenseDefense from spells
StrengthEffects damage enemy can do
Hit RateLikelihood of enemy scoring a hit
# of HitsNumber of times enemy can score a hit
Critical Hit RateLikelihood of enemy scoring Critical Hit
Additional EffectStatus Effect caused by attack
Additional Effect RateLikelihood of enemy causing effect
CourageLikelihood of enemy running
CategoryType of creature
WeaknessElements enemy is weak to
ResistanceElements with little or no effect
SpellsSpells and abilities enemy can cast

Status Ailments:
(I would list what later games these appear in, but they all return in EVERY later FF including Mystic Quest and probably Tactics.)
ConfusionVictim uses weak physical attacks on itself and its teammates. Does not effect your characters.
DarkDarknessSeems to lower Hit rate. Wears off after battle. Lamp cures it.
DeathCharacter falls down, and cannot perform any actions. All other ailments are cured. Life/Lif2 spell or clinic cures it. In the case of monsters, they disappear.
MuteSilenceCharacter cannot use spells, items, or potions. (Items still work on WSC/PS versions.) Wears off after battle. Amut cures it.
PoisonPoisonIn battle, character loses 2 HP per round (can kill you). Outside of battle, character loses 1 HP per step (can't kill you). Pure potion or spell cures it. It doesn't effect monsters.
SleepSleepCharacter kneels down, and is unable to perform any actions. Wears off on the next action.
StoneStoneCharacter kneels and turns grey. It's basically the same as death, but you can only recover with a Soft potion or spell. On mosters it just kills them.
StunParalysisCharacter kneels down, and is unable to perform any actions. Wears off at random, or after battle.
WeakCharacter kneels down when HP is less than 1/4 of maximum. It doesn't apply to monsters.