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Fighter, Knight - Fi,Kn - All the Fighter knows is killing in red armor. He's pretty damn good at it tho. When he becomes a Knight he can also cast low level white magic and equip damn near everything.
Thief, Ninja - Th,Ni - The Thief can hold his own in a fight, but his real use is his ability to run easily. When he becomes a Ninja he can use low level black magic and equip almost everything the Knight can.
Black Belt, Master - BB,Ma - The Black Belt becomes an expert at bare-fisted fighting after you get up in levels. When he becomes a Master he... is pretty much the same actually.
Red Mage, Red Wizard - RM,RW - The Red Mage's versatility is matched only by his style. The pimpingest of the mages can fight and use both kinds of magic. When he becomes a Red Wizard he can equip more stuff and learn more magic, but he can't use the best of anything.
White Mage, White Wizard - WM,WW - A strong believer in goodness, and blessed with the skill of white magic, the White Mage can utilize a wide range of curative and protective spells. Not violent by nature, she favors blunt weapons like hammers and can't do much damage. When she becomes a White Wizard she is able to learn any white spell.
Black Mage, Black Wizard - BM,BW - Student of the arcane, the Black Mage can bend the elements to his will. He isn't much of a fighter, only skilled in the use of knives and staves. When he becomes a Black Wizard he can learn any black spell.

You must choose four warriors for your party out of six available classes. I guaran-damn-tee that you can beat it with any combination, even if you don't get the class change! Four white mages is supposed to be the hardest. Check out my White Mage Journal to see how I did it. If it's your first time you should use one the recommended parties. Remember that the first 2 slots will receive a lot more damage than the last 2. After your first trip thru you should try out odd parties for a challenge. The aforementioned White Mage party is a good challenge, another idea is to kill off all but one warrior and never revive them. The benefit of that is the one warrior will gain four times as much experience.

Here are the recommended parties:

Fi, RM, WM, BM - This is my favorite party.
Pro: This party has the best fighter, the best white magic user, the best black user, and someone who's good at all 3. It can handle any situation.
Con: A little light on attack power, kinda expensive to equip.
Saves: pre class change, one step to WarMech

Fi, Fi, WM, BM - Death squad!
Pro: High attack power and less trips to the clinic.
Con: A little expensive to equip, 2 of the same guy (less unique).

Fi, Th, WM, BM - This is the default party on the Wonderswan. It's pretty well balanced.
Pro: Good attack power, easy to run when you need to.
Con: Low defense for the Thief, you'll be frequenting the clinic until the class change.

Fi, BB, WM, BM - The conventionally recommended party.
Pro: High attack power, cheaper than average to equip.
Con: The Black Belt will be doing quite a bit of dying before the class change, and the SOB can never use magic!

Fi, Th, BB, RM - This is the default party on the NES.
Pro: Very good attack power, easy to run, save money on magic.
Con: Ick, pretty light on magic. Low defense for whoever you decide to stick in the second spot.
Screens: 1
Saves: beginnning, named FIGHT, POISON, STONE, & MAGIC, the end

Other Parties

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