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Standard Items

NES NameJapanese NamePriceDescription
HEALPotion60 /
These restore 30 HP (or a random amount on the WSC/PSX or in battle). They can be used in battle with the DRINK command (or ITEM on the WSC/PSX). You'll be buying a lot of them. They're available almost everywhere.
PUREAntidote75 /
These cure poison. They can also be used in battle with the DRINK command (or ITEM on the WSC/PSX). Always keep a few on hand. They're available almost everywhere.
TENTSleeping Bag75 /
Use these to save when you're away from town. They restore 30 HP (or a random amount on the WSC/PSX) to each warrior and can only be used on the overworld map. They are only available in the early towns.
CABINTent250 /
Like a tent but better. They restore 60 HP (or a random amount on the WSC/PSX) to each warrior. They are available in most towns.
HOUSECottage3000 /
Even better than the tent and cabin. They restore 120 HP (or a random amount on the WSC/PSX) and all magic to each warrior. They are available in most towns.
SOFTGolden Needle800 /
These cure stone and unfortunately can not be used in battle, except in the WSC/PSX versions. They are available in only 2 towns.

There are six regular items, and you can have up to 99 of each. Cure and Pure potions can be used in battle with the Drink command. In the remake you can also use Softs in battle, but you can turn this off. The special items are stored together with the regular ones, and you cannot arrange your list. In the remake though, the special items are stored separately, and the weapons & armor are stored in your item list. They can be arranged.
The second price listed is for the Playstation's Easy mode.

Special Items

NES NameJapanese NameFFO NamePriceDescription
LUTELuteLuteN/AYou get it from Princess Sara after rescuing her, but you won't need it until much later.
CROWNCrownCrownN/AThis is the prize for fighting your way thru the Marsh Cave. Return it to the lone king.
CRYSTALCrystal EyeCrystal EyeN/AAstos stole this from Matoya. If you return it to her she will give you the herb.
HERBJolt TonicMedicine of AwakeningN/AThis is what you need to wake the Elf Prince.
KEYKey of MysteryMystic KeyN/AA lot of doors have been locked by the mystic Key. It has been in the possesion of the Prince of Elfland.
TNTNitro GunpowderNitro PowderN/ALocked away in Coneria Castle, it's just what Nerrick needs to finish his canal.
RUBYStar RubyStar RubyN/AThe Titan loves rubies. Maybe you'll find one in the Earth Cave.
RODEarth StaffEarth RodN/ASarda will give you this invaluable tool to reach the lower depths of the Earth Cave.
CANOECanoeCanoeN/AOne of the sages in Crescent Lake will give you this so you can travel up rivers. (You can't actually have this in your item list without hacking a saved game or using a code.)
FLOATERFloating StoneLevistoneN/AThis legendary stone can lift anything. Someone hid it deep inside the earth.
TAILRat's TailRat's TailN/ACan this be the proof of your courage?
BOTTLEFairy BottleBottled Faerie50000 /
This is the only item for sale at the Caravan. With such a high price, something good must be inside.
OXYALEAir WaterOxyaleN/AOnly fairies can draw the oxygen ale from the spring.
SLABRosetta StoneRosetta StoneN/AThe ancient slab is said to hold the key to the mysterious Lefeinish language. It was lost centuries ago.
CHIMEChimeBellN/AThe ancient Lefeinish used the chime to enter their tower.
CUBEWarp CubeWarp CubeN/AA remnant of an ancient civilization, what could they have used it for?
ADAMANTAdamantiteAdamantiteN/AThis legendary metal is exactly what Smith needs to craft a magnificent sword.

You'll never see this screen in the game without cheating. I hacked a saved game to get all of the items at once.

And here's what you see before you get any items.