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Codes that are underlined also work on the Japanese version of FF1.
Some codes cause messed up graphics or music. Save and restart without the codes and they'll usually be fine.

Click here for the official codes from the Game Genie code book.

NYKLPALX Start with 255 HP.
NYKLYEZE Start with 255 Damage.
NYKUAEZE Start with 255 Hit%.
NYKUPAIU Start with 255 Evade%.
NYKLZAGO Start with 255 Str.
NYGLLE Start with 255 Agl.
NYGLIE Start with 255 Vit.
NYKLGAPE Start with 255 Int.
NYKLTAIE Start with 255 Luck.
NYSLPETO Start with 255 HP.
NYSLYAZE Start with 255 Damage.
NYSUAAIE Start with 255 Hit%.
NYSUPEZU Start with 255 Evade%.
NYSLZAIE Start with 255 Str.
NYSLLEZE Start with 255 Agl.
NYSLIAIE Start with 255 Vit.
NYILGE Start with 255 Int.
NYSLTEYE Start with 255 Luck.
Black Belt:
NYVLPAPX Start with 255 HP.
NYVLYAZE Start with 255 Damage.
NYVUAAIE Start with 255 Hit%.
NYVUPAIU Start with 255 Evade%.
NYTLZE Start with 255 Str.
NYVLLAIE Start with 255 Agl.
NYVLIAGO Start with 255 Vit.
NYTLGE Start with 255 Int.
NYVLTAIE Start with 255 Luck.
Red Mage:
NYNLPETO Start with 255 HP.
NYNLYAIE Start with 255 Damage.
NYNUAAYE Start with 255 Hit%.
NYNUPEZU Start with 255 Evade%.
NYYLZE Start with 255 Str.
NYNLLEZE Start with 255 Agl.
NYNLIAIE Start with 255 Vit.
NYYLGE Start with 255 Int.
NYNLTAIE Start with 255 Luck.
White Mage:
NNELPEGO Start with 255 HP.
NNELYAZE Start with 255 Damage.
NNEUAAIE Start with 255 Hit%.
NNEUPAIU Start with 255 Evade%.
NNALZE Start with 255 Str.
NNELLAIE Start with 255 Agl.
NNALGE Start with 255 Vit.
NNALIE Start with 255 Int.
NNELTAIE Start with 255 Luck.
Black Mage:
NNOLPEPO Start with 255 HP.
NNOLYAPE Start with 255 Damage.
NNOUAAIE Start with 255 Hit%.
NNOUPEZU Start with 255 Evade%.
NNPLZE Start with 255 Str.
NNOLLEZE Start with 255 Agl.
NNPLGE Start with 255 Vit.
NNPLIE Start with 255 Int.
NNOLTEZE Start with 255 Luck.
IEZGGN Fighter starts with 291 HP, other classes start with well over 1000 HP. When you level up, HP over 999 is rounded down.
AEAGGN All classes start with Fighter's stats.
IEAGTN Characters start with different stats.
IEAGIY Characters start with different stats.
UNAGLY Characters start with different stats.
TVYXIG All characters (except the one in the first spot) do a huge # of hits. (Can cause some side effects.)

NYOUIAPE Start with 65424 Gold.
NYOUTAAE Start with much more than 999,999 Gold.
GXSZPKSV Infinite Gold. (Inns and clinics still take your money.)
OOTPKU Level up after every battle, but gain no exp.
OOTPOV Gain 32,767 exp. after every battle.

AESGANGA Non-magic users start with 2 Level 1 spell points.
PESGTYZE Magic users start with 9 Level 1 spell points.
NNSGTYZE Magic users start with 255 Level 1 spell points.
ELEXVLEY All classes can learn any black spells, but no white spells.
EPEXVLEY All classes can learn any white spells, but no black spells.
EIEXVLEY Classes can learn any spell they shouldn't be able to, and can't learn any spells they should be able to.
NYGGAE All characters start out with CURE, LAMP, CUR2, PURE, SOFT, CUR4, and LIF2. Only the first 2 characters will have any open slots.
SZULIEVS LIFE spell never uses MP.
SZVULEVS LIF2 spell never uses MP.

Items & Equipment:
PAZLPA Start game with the Lute.
NYZLZE Start game with the Crown.
NYZLLE Start game with the Crystal.
PAZLGA Start game with the Herb.
NYZLIE Start game with the Key.
NYZLTE Start game with the TNT.
PAZLYA Start game with the Adamant.
PAZUAA Start game with the Slab.
NYZUPE Start game with the Ruby.
NYZUZE Start game with the Rod.
NYZULE Start game with the Floater.
PAZUGA Start game with the Chime.
NYZUIE Start game with the Tail.
NYZUTE Start game with the Cube.
PAZUYA Start game with the Bottle.
NYLLAE Start game with the OxyAle.
NYLLPE Start game with the Canoe. (This is not the real Canoe, but one on the item list.)
NYLLTE Start with 255 Tents. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYLLYE Start with 255 Cabins. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYLUAE Start with 255 Houses. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYLUPE Start with 255 Heal potions. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYLUZE Start with 255 Pure potions. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYLULE Start with 255 Soft potions. (Songs are screwed up.)
NYZYLA All characters start with 4 nothings equipped for weapons and 4 Mage Staves equipped for armor.
NYZYGA Start with 2 ProRings, 2 Ice Shields, 8 Oxyales, 4 Heals as weapons, and 6 Xcalbers, 4 Power Staves, 2 Rune Swords, 2 Katanas, 2 Light Axes as armor.
VYLGZE Start north of Coneria to the bridge scene, with all orbs lit, all items, and 140,679 Gold. You then can't get the bridge or ship.
PALLZA Start with Fire orb lit.
NYLLLE Start with top-right orb lit.
NYLLGE Start with bottom-left orb lit.
PALLIA Start with Earth orb lit.
USAUSA The top-right orb is lit, even if you continue.
USAUVA The top-right orb is missing.

TGZIPA Your character is an airship on the world map. You still move slowly and get into battles, but you can go over water, mountains, etc. WARNING: You are still an airship even after turning the code off!
SLZIAA Walk thru walls! When you leave a battle or menu screen, use a staircase, or enter/exit you'll move one space down when in towns and dungeons, and one space up when on the world map.
KAYSAA Walk super fast.
SXZIIO Some types of terrain are replaced by grass. You can walk where water would normally be, and land the airship in more places.
OOTPVP Never get into battles.
USAPOT Each attack lasts several seconds. Gain no experience.
AEAEAE When you enter Coneria it's several spaces over.
PIGPOO First character appears dead in battle. Select menu is screwed up, then strange results appear. (Fun to play with.)
PIGPOP First and third characters appear dead in battle. See above.
PAGPOO All characters appear dead in battle. See above.
PIGSEX Leave the menu or battle and the background is faded.
POGPOO Overworld music plays in battle. Character becomes an airship after you visit the select menu.

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