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Enemy Status Key:
Experience - Amount of experience gained
Gold - Amount of gold gained
Hit Points - Enemy's HP
Agility - Ability to avoid hits
Defense - Physical Defense
Magic Defense - Defense from spells
Strength - Effects damage enemy can do
Hit Rate - Likelihood of enemy scoring a hit
# of Hits - Number of times enemy can score a hit
Critical Hit Rate - Likelihood of enemy scoring Critical Hit
Additional Effect - Status Effect caused by attack
Additional Effect Rate - Likelihood of enemy causing effect
Courage - Likelihood of enemy running
Category - Type of creature
Weakness - Elements enemy is weak to
Resistance - Elements with little or no effect
Spells - Spells and abilities enemy can cast
Attack-Effect Abreviation Key:
De - CAUSES INSTANT DEATH (like the RUB spell)
Sn - CAUSES PARALIZATION (like the STUN spell)
Sl - CAUSES SLEEP (like the SLEP spell)
St - CAUSES STONE (like the BRAK spell)

Location refers to places the enemy can be found, whether through random encounters or spiked squares.
Relatives refers to enemies that use the same sprite but a different palette.

There are 8 categories that enemies can belong to:
Demon: Evil beings, weak to the Rune Sword.
Dragon: Reptiles, weak to the Dragon Sword.
Giant: Giants and such, weak to the Giant Sword.
Undead: Undead, weak to Fire and the Sun Sword & Light Axe, vulnerable to Harm spells, strong to Ice, Status, Stone/Poison, and Death.
Were: Lycanthropy, weak to the Were Sword.
Water: Water dwellers, weak to Lightning and the Coral Sword, strong to Earth and Fire.
Magic: Magic-users, weak to the Rune Sword.
Regenerative: Creatures that regenerate HP, weak to the Flame Sword.
There are 8 elements that enemies can be either weak or strong to:
Status: Status changing spells, like SLEP or MUTE.
Poison: Spells that cause poison or stone, like BRAK.
Time: STOP, ZAP!, and GLARE.
Death: Spells that kill, like RUB and XXXX.
Fire: Fire spells, they hurt ice and regenerative creatures.
Ice: Ice spells, they hurt fire creatures.
Lightning: Lightning spells, they hurt water creatures.
Earth: QAKE and CRACK, they don't hurt floating or flying creatures.

Note: Despite what the charts say, weapons DO NOT have special effects against certain monsters in the NES version. The data is present in the game, but not implemented. They DO work in the WSC/PSX versions tho.

Also Note: The amount of experience listed is the total amount, which is divided between all of your Warriors left alive at the end of the battle. For example: Agama give you 2472. If you have 1 Warrior alive he'll get the full 2472, 2 will get 1236 each, 3 will get 824, and 4 will get 618.

The links to individual enemies are not ready yet.
The Big List - Every enemy, with bosses at the end. (long load time)
Full List - Every enemy, including bosses. (long load time)
Full List (no pics) - All enemies, including bosses, with no pictures.
Enemies A thru G - All enemies A-G.
Enemies H thru R - All enemies H-R.
Enemies S thru Z - All enemies S-Z.
Bosses - The bosses.
The Zoo - All the enemies, including bosses; no data, just pics. (long load time)

Enemy Mapping - What enemies can be found where on the world map.

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