IMAGE Wraith
Experience: 231
Gold: 231
Hit Points: 86
Agility: 90
Defense: 4
Magic Defense: 52
Strength: 22
Hit Rate: 22
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: Stun
Additional Effect Rate: 1
Courage: 160
Category: Demon, Undead
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Status, Poison, Death, Ice, Earth
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Northwest Castle SHADOW
Earth Cave WRAITH
Ice Cave GHOST
Enemy Mapping

Images will appear with Wraiths, Geists, and/or Specters and are only found near the beginning of the game.

Images are pretty strong when you first find them. They can stun you, so I'd run away. Otherwise, a shot of FIR2 or HRM2 is in order.

Images are called Wraiths in the Japanese version and FF Origins. Wraith is basically another name for a ghost, specter, or phantom. In Dungeons & Dragons, a wraith is the evil spirit of a powerful human which can absorb life energy. The ring wraiths in Lord of the Rings were former human kings who were cursed by their rings. They exist in a world of darkness. Wraiths also appear in FF2, FF9, FF10, and FF11. The name Image refers to the nature of ghosts. Not quite solid, not quite real, just an image. For more info about ghosts, see Ghost.