Female White Mage

Female White Mage by The Collector

Materials Used: Mechanical pencil, Paint Shop Pro
Date Created: drawn 8/21/2003, colored 8/25-26/2003
Comments: I'd been working on a new drawing style that I was proud of, and wanted to do some fan art to put up here. The thing is, I'd only practiced drawing women, so I figured I'd do female versions of all six classes. They were all drawn by hand, with color and some details added in Paint Shop Pro. (The Fighter turned out really bad, so I removed it.)

This was the third one of these I drew, and the last that I colored. I colored this one last since I knew it would take a long time to do everything I'd planned for it. (And I was right, it took forever.) It didn't come out nearly as well as I'd hoped. The hands are awful, the sleeves don't work well because I can't draw wrinkled cloth well yet, I didn't get to add as many details as I wanted due to program limitations of PSP, and I didn't feel like making the elaborate background I'd planned since the rest of the work tired me out. She lost a lot of details with the shrinking and the effects, so I put together this larger, clean picture of her:

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