WarMech Dreams

WarMech Dreams by ie

Materials Used: Adobe Photoshop.
Date Created: July 13th, 2005

Comments: "My usual time for pictures is around an hour. This one took about two and a half hours, over 30 layers, and while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I also haven't done any anti-aliased pictures in a while, in part because they take so long to clean up (random patches of anti-alias crap), so here's one.

For the picture itself: Warmech looked like it was looking up, and since I couldn't think of anything funny to put there, I thought about how Warmech would probably want to get out of where ever it's located (Collector says Sky Castle for the NES, other names for other versions) and go frolick about in the sun.

I'm happy with the results, as I always am with my pictures. Itís the best I could do at this moment, and even though it could be more accurate, it was good practice for my next picture.

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