43 the Ninja
featuring The Legendary Banana of Doom

43 the Ninja, featuring The Legendary Banana of Doom by ie

Materials Used: (Drawn) Mechanical Pencil, (Colouring) Computer Generated
Date Created: 02/18/01

"Quite an Interesting Poem, Forty-Three. ....It's 43."

The most legendary ninja of all,
he wields a banana, the banana of doom.

It's legendary, for some weird reason,
most likely because it's one of a kind.

Its owner, is the only one to own such a sword,
he's never lost yet.

When you're pit against this duo,
you'll get whacked senseless.

So, beware.... of 43 and the banana,
the legendary banana of doom.

- By Insignificant Entity

I'm credited with the idea of the ninja. I believe my exact words were:
"Only the ninja can truly wield the Legendary Banana of Doom."

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