Fan Art/Fiction

The Legacies of Final Fantasy Seven.

Chap 1-7 Chap 8-13


This is my first FF7 fan fiction, and it feels a bit weird because I am also currently writing my first ever fan fiction, which is an FF8 one. I realised after reading a few other fictions, I was creating certain scenes too early. Thus, when I am finished, I will have to move things.

Most of my typing is done at night, as this inspires me to think up more interesting scenes, for, as those of you who have read or will read my FF8 one, certain things happen too fast, and shopping for bridal dresses won't be too interesting for the boys.

I may look back on this as a mistake, helpful, educational, or something that I thought up impulsively that I will regret I ever took this task on.

Listening to an FF8 song, 'Eyes on Me', inspired chapter 7. Some of it also came to me by listening to Tifa's theme. I use many different tunes to inspire me, including boss music, preludes, Ultimecia, and maybe I'm a Lion. I'm sorry if it seems a bit soppy. I have no control over what I type.

      Giga Storm.

P.S. Frank Verderosa is recommended. Fab read for FF7 fans, though may take you weeks to plough through, depending on how fast or slow you are at reading. His short stories are quite funny, though there are a couple that are very depressing.


Cloud and Avalanche had saved the world. Two years on, they are pursuing their former lives. Cloud Strife went to the new Mideel to become a builder and soldier. Tifa Lockhart went to Wall Market and set up a new bar - `Final Heaven', named after her Ultimate Limit Break. Cid Highwind returned to Rocket Town and married Shera Missely after a year of dating. Barret Wallace took Marlene and became Mayor of Kalm. Yuffie Kisaragi hired the Turks to become a private organisation for her own use. Vincent Valentine returned to Nibelheim and lives in the Shinra Mansion. A new, independent robotic Cait Sith went and helped with the reconstruction of the City of the Ancients, along with his owner Reeve. Red XIII became the Lord Protector of Cosmo Canyon and High Warrior of the East.

Chapter 1


April 21st, 2238

Cloud was bored. The construction work on the new Mideel had been a fun project, but now that it was finished he had nothing to do. Not only that, but he had been called to a meeting in Junon which he couldn't miss. I didn't particularly want to go, even though all his friends would be there. Strange dreams haunted him as though they would never stop. Maybe it was the thought of seeing Avalanche again. The Highwind was already half an hour late. He was just about to go when a low buzzing sound came from the mainland's direction. A ladder was dangling from the airship. He grabbed hold and began climbing up.

Dusting himself off, he went to the control room. Yuffie squealed and ran over to him, smothering him with kisses. Red XIII took a somewhat more dignified approach and inclined his head in greeting. Cait Sith bounded over to him with Reeve following behind. Barret engulfed him in a great big bear hug and ruffled his hair. Tifa remained at the front of the ship. Vincent stood nearby. Cloud met his eyes and nodded his head.

"What the fuck you been doing?" Cid asked. "You're as dusty as someone who' been rolling around all day in the sand!"

"I've been helping finish the work on Mideel." Cloud brushed himself off a bit more. "I thought you weren't coming."

"This jackassed shit of a driver here got LOST! Now why don't you get off your goddam ass and talk to Tifa!"

"Nice to see you too, Cid," Cloud said. Cid reddened and started yelling at the driver again. Cloud smiled, shook his head, and walked over to Tifa. She looked up at him.

"Well hello there, stranger," she smiled up at him, showing very white teeth.

"Hey, Tifa. Do you know why we're going to Junon?"

"Apparently, the mayor wants to give us a reward, open a shop and hold the `First Annual Avalanche Festival'. Personally I think it's gonna be crap, but the mayor insisted." She looked at him, a - well, it was quite hard to describe. Almost passion, with a strange mix of hunger and love - whatever it is was burning in her eyes. A strange kind of hurt, but anger as well.

"Oh well. I guess we don't have anything better to do." Cloud said it regretfully, as he did have other thing that he would rather be doing. "The other towns and cities, though - haven't they already given us rewards?"

"Yeah, but Junon was a Shinra controlled city. They didn't really want to thank us until they realised the enormity of what we've done. The Planet will be going for at least a little longer, and we've liberated all things run by Shinra."

"Okay, that's enough. We're here now anyway."

The group left the airship and walked to the city. A stage was set up in the main area. They walked over to it just as the crowds gathered. Mayor Hart walked onto the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for coming to see the reward of Avalanche. They have liberated us and saved us. We have much to thank them for. All we can give them is this certificate, a cash reward, four Huge materia each and this!" Mayor Hart announced it. As soon as he finished speaking, lights were shone on ten statues - single statues and a big group one.

"The costume shop is now open! Will the leader of Avalanche, Cloud Strife, please come up to receive the rewards!" Cloud grudgingly went up.

"Speech! Speech! Speech!" The cheer was started up and didn't stop. Cloud shook his head and stepped up to the microphone.

"I thank you for these generous gifts. Of course, the rest of the team deserve a lot of credit as well so please give them a big hand!" Cloud hurried off the stage.

"You really don't do speeches, do you, Cloud?" Tifa laughed as he joined them. Cloud grimaced.

"It's stupid. I'm not here as a toy. Especially since Aeris." Nothing more was said on the subject.

When Cloud went to bed that night, he had a strange dream. He was in Gongaga forest, looking for Aeris. Suddenly, she appeared in front of him. He frowned. He'd had this dream before, but he hadn't seen Aeris. She smiled. He remembered that smile. A smile so radiant it seemed almost to bring sunshine to dreary days. All he had to do was remember that smile, and he would feel better.

"Cloud. There is a great danger in the world now. I cannot say who it is, or what. Remember this. I will come back. Someone you know has died for me to come back."


"Bugenhagen left the Canyon a day before his death. The `Key of the Ancients', can revive the last Ancient to die if it is given to the spirit at our city. However, The carrier of the key must die. Bugenhagen knew his time was near, so I will be coming back in a week. I will find you at Midgar - outside where they played `Loveless'. Where I first saw you."

"But Sephiroth-"

"Was not an Ancient. He was from the Netherworld. Created. Never was part of the Planet, never can return to it. He has to journey to the stars with Jenova." She looked at him then, her green eyes glowing and her body filled with an eerie light. "Farewell, Cloud. I shall see you soon." Then she flickered and disappeared. He wanted to howl with despair. The dream went and he woke up. The green light of the Lifestream mixed with the pure white of Holy was leaving his room. It was dawn. Cloud yawned. He knew he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, so he dressed himself and left the hotel.

Chapter 2


Tifa woke suddenly. She had a feeling, a weird feeling. It was to do with a dream. She dreamed that Aeris was going to come back. No, she told herself. People don't come back from the dead. But Aeris was an Ancient - no! That wouldn't make any difference. Would it? Then she laughed at herself. I'm the only person I know who can have an argument with myself.

She went to Cloud's room. Though it was only sunrise, she knew he would be up anyway. She knocked on the door. There was no reply. Frowning, she opened the door. Cloud was not there. She saw a small figure walking away from Junon. She jumped out of the window and ran after it. It was Cloud. She caught up to him. He brought out his sword, his eyes wary.

"Cloud! What are you doing?" she asked.

"I have to go to Midgar", came the reply.

"Why?" she inquired.

"Because I do."

"You're supposed to stay here, though."

"I'll be back before the others get up, don't worry. If any of them ask where I am, cover for me."

"Alright, but just this once."

"Thanks. Bye."


He left to get to the Highwind. She looked after him, wondering what could be so urgent. Later that day, she saw other people looking at her. A bunch of scantily clad girls who were supposed to look like her walked past. They had obviously stuffed their bras with toilet paper to make their breasts look bigger. Do I really look like that? I wear what I do because it's comfortable, and I can't help how big my chest is. Do the others look at me and see that? No, she decided. If they did, wouldn't they say something? Then her thoughts moved on. Where is Cloud? He said he'd be back ages ago. A low buzzing sound coming from the general direction of Midgar answered her question. Cloud jumped from the airship. He landed directly next to her.

"Hey, Tifa", he greeted her cheerfully.

"Hi Cloud." She smiled, but drew him off to one side. "Where were you?"

"It took me a while to get the right `Midgar Key'. Then the Midgar Zolom decided to attack me. It was worth it, though. I found the place I was looking for."

"So why did you need to find it?"

"I'm meeting someone there next week. You can come too, if you want."

"I'd like that. Who is it you're meeting?"

"Uh, Aeris." Tifa paled. Aeris was dead. How could Cloud be meeting her next week? "Tifa? You okay?"

"What?" He scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. "I'm fine. Aeris, though."

"I know it sounds crazy, but I believe her. Just come with me. Please?" There was hope in his eyes. Then he put on a baby face. "Pwiddy pweese?"

"Okay. Hey, do you want to come to my room for a drink? I've got some cleaning to do, but you could help."

"Sure, okay." They walked up to her hotel room. "Do we get drunk and then clean up, or do we clean first?"

"I think we'll clean first." It took a few hours, and it was seven before they finished. Cloud had been using a wet tea towel to clean the sink. He took it over to the couch and laid it on his head. She brought wine and two glasses over. Several hours later, they were both quite drunk. Cloud began spinning the tea towel round in his hands. Tifa saw what he was intending to do. She jumped up.

"Don't you dare!" she yelled. He began cracking it near her. "I'm warning you! If that hits me once, you are gonna be de- AAAAAAAH!" she screamed as the towel hit her hip and wetness spread round her top. Her top began to go see-through. He was lying on the couch. She picked up a cushion and began pummelling him with it. "YOU IDIOT! THIS WAS MY NEW TOP AND-" he rolled over, making them fall off the couch and using his weight to keep her down. He was surprisingly heavy. She struggled while giggling. "Get off you big lump! You're crushing me! How am I supposed to-" he leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. She opened her eyes wide, while enjoying the feel of his kisses, the passion, the love. She kissed him back fiercely, wondering where they were heading. His arm snaked round her back.

Chapter 3


Cloud knew that when Aeris returned, things would change. He and Tifa would have a few difficulties with Aeris, for he was not as blind to love as he appeared to be. He knew Aeris had feelings for him, but he held off until his work was done. By then, of course, it was too late. He would have had to choose between Tifa and Aeris, but now he had made his feelings clear to Tifa, he knew nothing could ever happen between them. He also knew that as a kid, Tifa had a crush on him. When he met her again, it was clear that it had progressed into love. He looked at his watch. Six `o'clock.


He turned over on the couch to see who was calling him.


It was Tifa, of course. He hadn't bothered to go to his own room and had spent the night on the couch. He turned to greet her.

"Hi, Tifa." It felt a bit strange to be talking to her, after last night.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine. What could possibly have dragged you over here at this time in the morning?"

"Well, I was just sort of thinking, about last night."

"Oh?" So she hadn't just shrugged it off.

"Well, it was er, nice, and er, what is so funny?" Cloud thought it was amusing to see Tifa all nervous. When he had seen her before, she was sparkling with confidence. It struck him as enormously funny. He rolled off the couch. She grabbed a pillow and started hitting him with it. It wasn't long before she sat on top of him to get better aim at his head. Cloud threw his hands up. Then he bunched up his legs and rolled over so that she fell off him.


"Teach you to mess with me!" he growled, pretending to be mad. He stood up and helped her up.

"Cloud..." she said, suspecting some ulterior motive. He read the look in her eyes and sat down on the couch, pulling her on top of him. She leaned her face towards his... and their lips met.

It made Cloud hot with fire, just as last night had. Time flew when Tifa was in his arms. It was a kiss he wanted to hold in his memory, and have for real. They stopped for breath, then returned to each other.

"Guys!" Cloud and Tifa leapt apart. Cloud let out a huge sigh of relief. It was only Yuffie. She made a face at him. He poked his tongue out.

"Barret wanted everyone to meet up about who's gonna do what at the party next week," Yuffie told them. "He's got different things for people to do, so he needs everyone there."

"Okay, we're coming." Cloud replied. Tifa plopped off him and they stood up. The result of the meeting was that Barret, Cloud and Tifa would go up to collect the award, Cloud would give the speech, Yuffie and Vincent would unveil the statue, Cait Sith and Reeve, along with Red XIII, would open a new building (though Red didn't really care much for the idea), and Cid would lead them to another party on the Highwind.

1 week later...

"Tifa? You coming?" he called to her as he prepared to leave.

"Just a minute!" came the muffled reply. Tifa emerged, carrying a large backpack. "Shall we?" Cloud took her hand and they walked to the airship.

"Midgar, Sector 2 please." Cloud told the pilot.

"Yes sir!" the pilot immediately took off. Cloud took a tranquilliser to cure his motion sickness. When they landed, Cloud and Tifa got off.

"Wait here," Cloud told the pilot. "We'll be taking an extra passenger." The pilot nodded and disappeared back on to the ship. "This way." Cloud told Tifa, taking her hand and leading her through. They walked from the train station to the theatre, hoping she would already be there. A figure was standing outside it, dressed in pink and holding a basket. Tifa hung back a bit. Cloud stopped.

"Come on," he said. She shook her head.

"You go on. I'll let you two have a moment together." He nodded and carried on, touched by her understanding.

"Cloud." Aeris was there in front of him. He felt tears form in his eyes. She was really there. She put down her basket and ran to him. He caught her up in a hug, smelling a flowery fragrance. He buried his face in her hair, and held her against him. She was crying. Then she pulled away. "How are you?" It was a normal question to ask.

"I'm fine. I've been waiting to see you. Tifa's over there." He replied quickly, and took her arm. They walked over to Tifa.

"Hi Aeris." She said it woodenly. Cloud looked at her. She was crying softly. Aeris simply walked to her and hugged her. Cloud took Tifa's hand. They all walked back to the ship. Cloud gave the pilot instructions to go back to Junon.

"The others are in Junon." He stated.

"Do they know I'm coming?" Aeris asked.

"No. I know you told me how you were able to come back, but it still doesn't seem complete."

"You're right. I didn't tell you everything. Bugenhagen watched the videos of my mother. He told me when he came down to get me. He saw a Huge materia in the house - one that wasn't on his chart. He searched around and found it. Cloud, it was a black and white materia. Two completely opposing materia orbs, merged into a Huge materia."

"Wouldn't that be kinda impossible?"

"Apparently, Prof. Gast did some research. The results were unpredictable. Indescribable. A materia force of two powerful yet opposite orbs, creating a final grey Huge materia, thus giving it the power to bring back the blood of the Ancients. Unfortunately, one must sacrifice oneself to bring back just one."

"So, who has the materia now?" Tifa inquired.

"I have. Though I was brought back, I can no longer use the body that was once mine. A body, once destroyed, can never be replaced. This is just a form I'm taking so that you'll recognise me. The real me is different. I'll show you at Junon." Implacable determination and strength surrounded her.

Chapter 4


Tifa frowned. There was something different in Aeris, which made it seem that she was not Aeris. No, she told herself, shaking her head. It's just the effect of seeing her like this. There was a slight thud as the airship landed.

"We are now next to Junon. Please take your belongings with you. It was nice to meet you, Miss Gainsborough." The pilot announced. Aeris smiled slightly.

"Well, let's go. We have a lot to do." Aeris said, looking around the airship with an expression of... disdain? I'm imagining things, Tifa thought. She looked again. The expression was replaced with a kind of dreadfully eager anticipation. They walked off the airship to be greeted by Cid's yelling.

"You go take my damn airship without even fucking telling me!" he hollered. "You could at least ask, dammit! We got trouble here! I was sent to find you! Get your irresponsible spiky butt down here! You asshole, hurry up, goddammit! If the others knew-" He was cut off mid-speech by Cloud yelling, "Okay, okay, we get the point! What kind of trouble?" Cid's eyes grew worried.

"We're being attacked. Massive forces, good troops. They're attacking every goddamn thing!" Cloud drew his sword.

"Aeris. You stay here."

"Okay." She said in a small voice. Tifa thought there was still something wrong. She ignored it and started sprinting along next to Cloud and Cid. Cloud slashed through anything that got in his way. Tifa threw herself into the thick of the fighting, landing her fists and feet everywhere. Sharp pain raced down from her neck to her tummy. She ignored it. Finally, the small numbers of the enemy that were left fled, leaving the wounded and the dead behind. Tifa shook her head. Junon was a gory mess. Cloud limped to her, leaning on Cid. His left leg was soaked in blood. She kneeled down and looked up at him, a question in her eyes.

"Bastards got in a lucky stroke." Cid replied for Cloud. Tifa looked around. Everyone was drenched in blood. Tifa looked down. Her shirt was slashed open. Blood was gathering in a pool around her feet. There was a long, shallow cut from her left shoulder to her right hip, in between her breasts and just missing her belly button. Cid had numerous cuts all over him. Cait Sith had broken down. Reeve had been knocked unconscious by a smash in the back of his head. Vincent's metal claw had been cut off. Yuffie's left arm was slashed from shoulder to hand. Barret's right arm had again been left useless - all of it, not just from the elbow. Red XIII was covered in slashes, shallow ones from top to bottom. Aeris was walking out of the airship's shadow. Blood dribbled down Tifa's chin. She had a split lip too.

"That didn't go too well, did it?" Aeris remarked. Cloud shook his head grimly. "Do you like surprises?" Cloud shook his head again. "Too bad." Aeris drew a breath and thundered, "SEREFIKALI RESSURECTION!" Tifa watched in horror as what had seemed to be Aeris expanded into a mutation that was unbelievably big and hideous. It held Aeris in one hand.

"NOW WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH!" it shrieked, laughing, though there was little humour in that mechanical sound. It proceeded to throw Aeris to the ground, hurling her with all its might.

"Who are you?" Tifa demanded.


Tifa walked over to Serefikali. The others came up to flank her. "Not if we can help it." Tifa said grimly.

"AH HA HA HA, BUT CAN YOU PUNY HUMANS FACE ONE OF ME EACH!" Serefikali cackled. She divided into eight.

"Fucking hell!" Tifa heard Cid say behind her. He burst into a bout of colourful language.

"Ultimate End!" Cloud called.

"Shadow Flare!"

"Diamond Dust!"


Cloud proceeded to call up all their Summons, five times each, multiplied by eight - the rest of them had mimic. Serefikali watched them, amused.


"Final Heaven!"


"Death Gigas!"

"Limited Moon!"

"All Creation!"


"Dice Roll!"


"Great... great... Great Gospel!"

Chapter 5


He turned to stare in amazement at Aeris. She was standing about 100 yards away from him. What he had believed to be Aeris was now split into eight, right in front of him. His leg was slashed; blood dribbled down and pain hit him. He had used every Summon in his power. Still the daughter of Jenova fought on.

"Give me something I can fight!" he yelled. The enemy turned to stare at him. They laughed.

"YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU CAN FIGHT! HA! YOU MAY HAVE YOUR WISH, PUNY MORTAL!" they said in one awful voice. A sword appeared in one of their hands; gloves and shoes for Tifa's; guns in Barret's, Vincent's and Reeve's; a creature on all fours for Red's; a robotic thing for Cait Sith; a shuriken for Yuffie's, and a spear in Cid's. Aeris was still unable to stand up. Cloud found his opponent to be so well matched to his skill, maybe even slightly better. Still he fought on. Aeris' Ultimate Limit Break had given all of them the strength and healing they so desperately needed to win.

"PUNY, INSIGNIFICANT CREATURES! KNOW THIS - WE SHALL MEET AGAIN!" There was a flash of blinding light. When they looked again, Serefikali was gone.

Cloud ran over to Aeris, joined quickly by Tifa.

"Cloud... she will come back." Aeris stated. "What many people don't know is that Jenova had numerous children. Hojo... Hojo created them. He is the father, she is the mother. Cloud, they can use the Mako and Jenova cells in you, to find you, or to influence you."

"Aeris, that day at the Temple of the Ancients, I promised to protect you. I failed. I was frozen. You seemed so happy... then Sephiroth came dropping out of nowhere..." his voice trailed off.

"Cloud, there was nothing you could have done. It wasn't your fault. I accepted this fate. Now I have to deal with the consequences."

"Cloud, she makes sense. What are we going to do if Serefikali brings her kin to help her? They are evil. They could destroy whole armies. Do you want dozens of Sephiroths roaming through this world?" Tifa asked. That shook Cloud back into the real world.

"You're right Tifa. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst. Let's get back to the hotel and sort this out. We'll meet up in the lobby after we're all cleaned up." Cloud said.

"Right. Aeris, you can come and use my room. I'll find somewhere, don't worry."

"Okay, which room is it?" Aeris asked.

"20th floor, third door on the left. Here's the key."

"Thanks! See you soon!" Aeris waved and ran off.

"I'll go tell the others. See you in your room. I'll knock three times." Tifa went to tell the others. Cloud sprinted up to his room. He just had time to turn on the taps in the bath before he heard three knocks on the door. It was Tifa.

"Hey, Cloud."

"Hi, Tifa. Come on in. Do you want to use the shower or the bath?" he asked her.

"I'll use the bath. I always feel better after a nice, warm soak. I brought my spare clothes."

"Sure, I'll go in the shower. The bath's already running."

"Thanks." She began to take off her top. Cloud turned his back and began undoing his shirt. There was a knock at the door. Tifa grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Cloud answered the door in his trousers.

"D'you know where Tifa is? I've looked fucking everywhere for her!" It was Barret.

"Barret, we're all supposed to be taking showers or baths just now. When we're all refreshed, we will meet in the lobby. Okay?"

"Fine! Don't be late. We only have to be there at six `o'clock anyways." Barret stormed off. Cloud shut the door, grabbed a couple of towels and went into the bathroom.

"Cloud!" Tifa squealed as she leapt into the bath.

"We have a few hours until six `o'clock. That's when we have to meet. Here's a towel for you." He offered it to her. She reached an arm out and put it on the floor. Cloud finished undressing, covering himself with a towel, and stepped into the shower. Tifa, he thought. He closed his eyes and just thought about her.

About 40 minutes later, he put on a towel and stepped out of the shower. The bath was empty. He went through to the main room. Tifa was standing facing away from him with the towel wrapped around her like a dress. He crept up on her and started tickling her shoulders.

"Ah! Cloud, stop it! Cloud!" she giggled. Somehow she managed to get away and run through to the bedroom. He redid his towel and chased her round the bedroom. She jumped on to the bed. He leapt on to the bed next to her. She collapsed, giggling.



"Do you think that maybe the others have begun to get ideas about... well, us?"

"If I know Yuffie, then yes. She has the biggest mouth I have ever seen."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." He looked at her. She was the most beautiful women he had ever seen, more beautiful even than Aeris. He leaned over and kissed her. They wrapped their arms round each other.

Chapter 6


She felt the passion in his kiss, the feelings of her that he had. She returned his kiss, and she knew that he wanted her as she wanted him. If he hadn't gone to SOLDIER, maybe something would have happened sooner. Then, maybe something would have ruined it. They both had to wait until their time came, and now it was here, she didn't ever want it to stop. She felt his hand move around her towel, feeling for the end. She took her cue and moved one of her hands to his towel. The kiss went on. They rolled off the bed and on to the floor. Still they kissed. They kissed until they were weary of breath. She lay her head on his chest and fell asleep.

She was awoken by a knock at the door. She rolled off Cloud and sat on the bed. He answered the door.

"Yo, Cloud, you comin'?" she heard.

"Yeah, we're gonna be late!"

"Have you seen Tifa?"

"Aeris was in her room. We dunno where Tifa is."

"I thought you were on your way into the shower a few hours ago?"

"Can I have a drink? Gawd, I'm dying out here!" It was every single one of their friends. Tifa started to pull her clothes on.

"Yuffie, the kitchen's over there. Yes, I do know where Tifa is. Just give me a moment. Wait right here." At least he hadn't just shrugged her off.

"The Turks are coming to the meeting. Control your instincts and prejudices, everybody." Tifa finished getting dressed just as Cloud came in. He kissed her again and hurried to find his clothes. She emerged from the bedroom.

"Hi guys!" she said brightly.

"Where the hell you been?" asked Cid.

"Here and there," she said evasively. Yuffie and Aeris gave her speculative looks.

"Tif? Can you get my mousse, please?" Cloud called.

"Sure," she replied. She went to the bathroom sink and got the mousse. Then she gave it to Cloud.

"Whachou doin' here?" Barret asked. "Cloud didn't say he knew where ya were earlier! He didn't say that he didn't know, either, though." He thought that over.

"Tif?" Yuffie asked. "Since when did he call you `Tif'?"

"Since now," Tifa said, with a warning look at Yuffie. Yuffie ignored it.

"Oh, is this to do with that ki-" Yuffie stopped in mid-sentence as Tifa stuck her hand over her mouth. Yuffie pulled her hand away. "Kissy-kissy! You and Cloud were all over each other!" She made kissy faces. Then she mimicked Tifa. "Oh Cloud, I love y-" She was cut off as Tifa, burning with embarrassment, kicked her against the wall. Yuffie stood up slowly, sniggering. Tifa slammed the door. Then she slumped against it. She couldn't help but notice the flashes of pain in Aeris' eyes.

"Tif? You coming?" Cloud came through, having completed his hair.

"No, I don't think so. I don't feel well, for some reason." She couldn't help but feel a little guilty for lying to Cloud.

"Okay, then. I'll be back soon. Bye." He kissed her cheek.

"Bye." He left.

I know that when Aeris was alive before, she had feelings for Cloud, ones that would never go anywhere, mused Tifa. I think she knew that too, though she might have still hoped that just, once or twice, he would put his feelings for me aside and go out with her. Maybe in the long run, it was better that he didn't. Aeris' heart would have been broken.

Then she wondered what Zack was like. Identical to Cloud, but with black hair, Aeris had told her. Smart, funny, cool, strong and handsome. A dream for any girl.

Yuffie. Her problem. Yuffie was just so childish. Though, Tifa thought, hidden beneath everything else, there is probably a love so deep for... she thought for a moment. Given a chance, Reno would probably prove to be the ultimate gentleman and perfect for Yuffie. That would be her revenge - on both of them. Lock them in a room together for a few weeks with some wine, beer, enough food. They would come to their senses. Tifa smiled. Her revenge would be perfect, after the crisis had passed.

Cloud, she thought dreamily. Just the thought of him warmed her heart. She fell asleep thinking of him.

"Tif?" She was startled out of sleep. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah, a lot better, Cloud."

"The others are all a bit drunk. They're playing `Spin the Bottle'. You wanna come down and play?" This she had to see.

"Sure, I'm coming." She dragged a brush through her hair and ran to meet Cloud.

"There you are! What took you so long?" Barret greeted them.

"Yeah, get your asses over here!" called Cid. He spun the bottle. "Tifa!" He pecked her on the cheek. Many combinations followed. There were a few that Tifa was waiting to see.

Chapter 7


Aeris spun the bottle.

"Cloud!" Silently he groaned. They had added a hat to the game, where boy-girl combinations had to pick out of cheek, lips and snog, or they could choose, if they wanted to. Aeris went faintly pink. "Snog!" Cloud rolled his eyes. Aeris leaned across the table. He brought his face up to meet hers. Officially, a snog had to last ten seconds.

"Stop!" They backed out of the kiss.

"Tifa!" She was seated next to him. He didn't even think about it. He just leaned over and pressed his lips against hers. After about a minute or so, the others resumed the game. A few minutes later, another interesting couple was called out. Tifa and he broke up the kiss only to see what was happening.

"Aeris and Reeve!" They got a snog card. Blushing, they fell into it, Reeve getting pinker the whole time they were kissing. He had a slightly startled look on his face. Aeris just smiled demurely. After another few minutes, it was, "Yuffie and Reno - thirty second kiss with tongues!" Tifa was shaking with laughter - they all were, except Yuffie, who was making faces, and Reno, who was scowling like the black of night. It eventually took Barret and Cloud to push them together. Once they were together, they wrapped their arms round each other. No one bothered to call out stop. However, when Barret said, "So, who's gonna be our next couple?" they sprang apart. Yuffie looked a bit flustered, and Reno's face was the same colour as his unkempt hair, Cloud was amused to see. Eventually, the game was called to a halt. Aeris was to sleep in Reeve's room, as he had two single beds. The Turks had their own room.

That night, Cloud tossed and turned. He had nightmares of Serefikali killing his friends, being used again. At about three `o'clock in the morning he went to Tifa's room. On the way there he saw a figure entering Yuffie's room. He knocked on Tifa's door. She answered in her dressing gown.

"I can't sleep," he told her.

"Neither can I." They went through and sat on her bed. "Why come to my room, though? Aeris would probably be able to tell you more."

"Because you're all alone up here. Somehow I knew that you were awake as well."

"I thought Yuffie was closer to you, as well."

"Someone else decided to go for a midnight wander into her room."

"Oh. Do you want something to drink or eat?"

"Nah, it's okay. I just want you, Tif."

"Cloud, I love you." He pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers. They lost themselves in each other's kiss. Someone knocked on the door.

"Who could that be?" Tifa wondered. Cloud waited.

"Hi Tifa. I came to see you. I couldn't sleep, and Reeve here decided to provide me with an escort." Aeris' familiar voice came floating through to Cloud. He knew it was safe to go through. "Cloud! What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't sleep, and I didn't want to wake Reeve up by coming to you."

"That's really considerate of you. I think he wants to go back to bed anyway."

"Yeah. Can't we talk about this in the morning?" Reeve grumbled.

"Fine. Nice talking to you. Cloud, your room's on the way back to my room, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess it is." He signalled to Tifa that he'd be a few minutes. He walked back to his room with Aeris, opened the door and shut it again. He waited for a few seconds, then ran back up to Tifa's room. He greeted her with a kiss. They backed up on to her bed and began undoing each other's clothes. When they were half undressed Cloud ran his finger down the recent scar between her breasts. He drew his lips away from her mouth and covered her body with kisses. They finished undressing and brought their lips together again. The ultimate act of love passed between them; on that night, they became one, and part of each other.

The next morning Cloud woke up with Tifa's face in his mind. She was more or less the same age as him, about half a year younger. He looked at his watch. May 3rd. It was Tifa's birthday! He didn't have a present to give her yet. He knew what the perfect present would be, but who to tell? He had no idea of what kind of ring people liked. Barret, maybe, to help him choose? With Aeris? Yes, he decided. He carefully pushed Tifa off him.

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